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“Hot Diggity Daffodil!”
User:Bombarde Waluigi

Bombarde Waluigi Also known as W Bomb or Stupa Non-Koopa is an editor of the Super Mario Wiki. Bombarde Waluigi likes to also talk in Third Person. What? No! Of Course I'm not Bombarde Waluigi!...heh heh heh, suckers. Anyhoo, Bombarde Waluigi joined the Super Mario Wiki as Bombarde Waluigi, but originally was going to choose the name Duh-Luigi (see gallery for more information). Yup Bombarde Waluigi rocks. All those people suck. Bombarde Waluigi eats them for breakfest... uhhh, your still here? Oops. Bombarde Waluigi was welcomed to the Wiki by Pokemon DP. Bombarde Waluigi even found out Bombarde Waluigi was on his User Page as a user who was online. Knowing that that is not the biggest honour this inspires Bombarde Waluigi to make this Wiki the best it can be. Oh and Bombarde Waluigi was also personally welcomed to the Wiki by 3D.


Bombarde Waluigi has a few things to keep him off the Wiki.

  • School. Hours: 8:30AM EST to 3:30PM EST
    • Homework. Lots. Ocassionally None. Like Today. Yay.
  • Work. For time being delivering papers. Quitting soon.
  • Tuesday, and Thurs 5PM EST to 7:30PM EST: Away.