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Welcome to my EVIL Profile! BWAHAHAHA! If you are a human, SCAT! I SAID SCAT!

Hmph, never mind. You are banished! Hm? You want to obey me, Prince Bowser? No! You must be a Koopa to join! Well, you can do a part-time-job. Here is what you can do:

  • Buy and feed me cookies.
  • Gimme all your snacks!
  • Defeat the Mario Bros.!
  • Call me "King Bowser" Cause I will be king someday!

"Evil" Milk

Now that you have done all the things I told ya, how 'bout a drink? Gotcha! Heheheh! No one can mess with me, Prince Bowser! *Gulp* *Gulp* Ah, fresh Evil Milk! Yum!

Stories for Baby Bowser... NOT!

YAAAAWN! So.. Tired.. You... Must... Read... A story... to... m-.... Zzzzz.....

More Comin' Soon when little Bowser wakes up!