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Hey, what's on? I'm Andrew Clayton, a 12 year old lad from Cornwall, South-West England and a huge Super Mario fan. But my favourite character is Toad, ahead of Waluigi and Yoshi. Hope you enjoy my edits. Thank you!

This page will seem a little dry, so check these out: nsjbqpwc.png

bgzy70gj.png Are ya diggin' ma cardz, playaz?

Oh right because I'm not...

OK, so if you are diggin' these cards, you can create your own at: [1] Have fun!


O.k, so I have a coupleof ideas for Mario games. I hope you agree with my opinionated rants. Enjoy

Mario Kart ideas:

1. Scrap the Thundercloud.

2. Enter Fire Flower as a awesome replacement!

3. Bring back individual karts (MKDS) and individual items (MK:DD)

4. Let's see loads more proper characters (Let's see a Hammer bro. in there maybe...) and drop all this spin off crap (Rosalina, Dry Bowser, etc)

5. Bring back Airship Fortress (MKDS) and Wario Stadium (MK64)

Other ideas

1. Give Waluigi a game where he is the main character and it explains his story

2. Give Toad a game where he is the main character!

And thats it...