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Script of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team


Red Blue GreenX


An Invitation:

One Day...
At Peach's Castle in the Mushroom Kingdom...
An invitation to Pi'illo Island was delivered in style.
-To Fair Princess Peach and Her Subjects-
An island of luxury awaits:
Pi'illo Island!
Our staff wishes to wait on you!
Come! Take a vacation with us!
-From the Pi'illo Island Proprietor
The princess and some of her staff decided to take the trip to the island.

(Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and a number of Toads board the blimp.)

But little did they know what awaited them there...
Oh, yes! Of course! We can't forget these guys!

(Mario jumps into the blimp. The loading ramp recedes, and Luigi jumps towards the blimp. He misses the deck, however he manages to fly towards the blimp and hold onto the side. Luigi says “Mama-mia!” as the blimp leaves Peach’s Castle.)

Meeting the Proprietor:

(Luigi is on the deck with; Princess Peach, Toadsworth, Mario, Broggy. and a few Toads.)

Toadsworth: Pi'illo Island...Hrm...Can’t say I’ve heard of it...

Princess! I feel rather uneasy about this trip!
We still have time! Let’s return home!

Broggy: BROOF!!!

Everyone: AAH!!!

(Everyone is surprised and looks at the back of Broggy, which has turned into a screen.)

Princess Peach: Oh! Who’s this?

Dr. Snoozemore: Mm-yes, hello. Nice meeting you.

I am the proprietor of Pi'illo Island! I am Dr. Snoozemore anzzz...

Toadsworth: Is he...asleep?

Dr. Snoozemore: Oops!

Please excuse me...
As you may have guessed I am researching the science of sleep.
Mm-yes, and on Pi'illo Island...
There's a special power that makes you sleep soundzzz...

Toadsworth: As special sleep power?! What poppycock!

Scoundrel! Wake up and explain yourself!

Dr. Snoozemore: Mm-heh, heh...

This is no time for a lecture. Now, I ask that you relax...
Be at ease until you reach the island, and enjoy your trip...
Mm-heh... Yes, relax with the dog... Your fellow passengers...
And that OTHER passenger... He is VERY interesting... Mm-heh...

(Broggy turns around and a purple pillow comes flying onto the deck.)

Toadsworth: What's THAT?!

(The Toads are afraid, as the pillow turns into Antasma. He throws the Toads, Broggy and Luigi off the blimp. Princess Peach is hidden behind Antasma, as he begins a battle with Mario.)

How-to Attack:

Toadsworth: Master Mario!

I imagine a bit of rust may have settled in since you last battled.
Shall I refresh you on how to attack?


Toadsworth: Let's try your signature maneuver: the jump attack!

Note the blocks that appeared above you.
Use those fellows to pick what you will do!
Use the A Button to select!
Next, choose who will bear the brunt of your wrath!
There's but one foe this time, so just press the A Button!
Right on track, Master Mario! Select an action with the blocks...
Then target the enemy you want to attack! Remember it well!

(Antasma attacks Mario. Mario attacks back, and ends up defeating Antasma.)

(The battle ends, and Antasma damages one of the cables holding the deck of the blimp, as he disappears.)

Out of Control Blimp:

(The blimp starts to plummet.)

(While falling, Broggy turns around and the screen reappears.)

Dr. Snoozemore: Next stop, Pi'illo Island!

(The blimp ends up crashing into the Pi'illo Blimport.)

Welcome to Pi'illo Island:

(Luigi is sleeping on the deck of the blimp and wakes up from his nightmare. He starts running around and falls off the deck.)

Toads: Luigi! Were you dreaming again?!

Sounded like an epic nightmare...
YO! We arrived at Pi'illo Island! Luigi! Dude! WAKE UP!

Toadsworth: Mm, yes... Here at last!

What shall we do first?

Group of Brocks: Welcome to...

Pi'illo Island!
We've been waiting for you to arrive!
Allow us to show you around! Let's head to Pi'illo Castle!

Toadsworth: Wait a moment!

I understand the proprietor is one Dr. Snoozemore, correct?
Humph! Yes, well, Princess Peach traveled far for this visit...
And I must say, I find it a touch rude that he's not present to greet us.

Princess Peach: Please, Toadsworth, it's no matter...

Female Brock: Ah yes, that reminds me! I should've mentioned...

Regrettably, Dr. Snoozemore is away on a business errand.
He's travelling far and wide to spread the word about our island. You know, to boost tourism!
As such, he asked that I mention that it will be a short while before he can greet you in person.

Princess Peach: Ooh...

Female Brock: I'll meet you just down the road!

Princess Peach: Ooh, how exciting! Let's go, everyone!

(Princess Peach, Toadsworth and some of the Toads go ahead.)

How-to Move:

Male Brock: Hi!

I bet you know, but to move, use the Circle Pad. And to jump, press the A Button.
Also, see that icon in the upper right of the screen?
Normally, it shows the Jump icon for pressing the A Button, right?
But hold up. When you approach characters or signs...
That icon will change!
Like that! Check out your A Button now!
Pressing the button when it looks like that will make you chat with folks or read signs.
Try it out as you wander around.

(Male Brock leaves.)

Move with the Circle Pad.

Waking Up Luigi:

Toads: Phew... Waking Luigi up is really tiring work...

Apparently Luigi really likes sleeping. Like, a LOT.
C'mon Luigi! Wake up, man!
Dude is OUT.
Don't worry, though... We'll get him up eventually.
You go on ahead with the gang!

How-to Save:

(Mario walks down the road and meets up with the Female Brock that was talking earlier.)

Female Brock: Oh, excuse me for just a moment!

I want to highlight the Pi'illo Island service we like to call saving...
This complementary service preserves the fond memories of your stay.
As this is your first stay on Pi'illo Island...
Allow me to explain how to save!
Please take a look at the Touch Screen.
See the giant "S" icon that says Save?
Yup! There!
If you touch that icon...
You'll save your current data.
If you hit a block like that...
That'll ALSO save your data.
Travelling can be unpredictable...
But if you save your data often, you needn't worry about a thing.
Don't forget to save often.

Pi'illo Island's Welcome Quiz:

(Mario rejoins Princess Peach, Toadsworth and some of the Toads.)

Broque Monsieur: PEOPLE!


Crowd: YEAH!

Broque Monsieur: YOU DESIRE...


Crowd: YEAH!

Broque Monsieur: YOU FEEL...


Crowd: YEAH!

Someone in the crowd: Get on with it!

Broque Monsieur: Zen off we go!

Zee 612th...
Allez! Let us not delay, honh? Zis is Pi'illo Island's Welcome Quiz!
I am, how you say, the MC... I am also zee tour guide...
Zat squarish fellow with zee golden hue!
Oui! Zat is moi, Broque Monsieur!
Welcome, très jolie Princess Peach! ... And other, less jolie people also.
Honh? Ah! You over zere! In zee red, with zee mustache...
Oui, I feel we have met before, vous and moi...
But zis does not matter...
For now is island-game time!

(Broque Monsieur holds up a gold coin.)

Broque Monsieur: You crave zis, honh? Oui. Zen answer correctly!

Ah, but do not fear zee failure! Zere is no penalty for wrongness!
At worst, you will learn zee fun island facts and win a coin or deux!
Zis sounds like zee very pinnacle of fun welcome activity, oui?

Princess Peach: How delightful! What fun!

Broque Monsieur: Oui, what fun indeed, honh?! Zen let zee fun begin!

For zee appetizer...

Crowd: YESSSS!


Broque Monsieur: I will ask zee question. If zee answer is "true"...

Zen you must talk to zee staff Brock on zeepanel!
But if zee answer is, how you say, "false"...
Zen talk to zee staff Brock on zee X panel!
Allez-vous! Here we go!
Check-X Quiz go time!
Question 1!
[Zis island is named Pi'illo Island.]
Move to zee panel of your choice and talk to zee staff, s'il vous plaît!

Brock on thePanel: You're choosing?


Broque Monsieur: BON!

Oui, zis is correct! Zis place is Pi'illo Island.
And for zis victory, I give zis reward!

You got 5 coins!

Broque Monsieur: Zat is a good way to start zee game, honh?

All right. We move on, oui? To question 2!
Question 2 time!
Zee leader of zis island...
[He is called Dr. Sneezemore.]

Brock on the X Panel: You want to choose X?


Broque Monsieur: BON!

Zee leader of zis island is Dr. SNOOZEmore.
You answered zis one correctly, honh? So here are zee coins!

You got 5 coins!

Broque Monsieur: Zee Check-X Quiz ends!

We hope zis was fun, honh? A fun welcome!
We meet again at zee Pi'illo Castle. Oui!
Au revoir, peoples!

Princess Peach: Yes, we should hasten to Pi'illo Castle as well!

(Princess Peach, Toadsworth and some of the Toads go ahead.)

Hurry Up:

Broque Monsieur: Ah, monsieur!

Zee Pi'illo Castle is down zis way!
Zee staff, zey await your arrival with great anticipation, you know...
Please do not get lost, honh?
Oui, hurry forward... With zee quickness... Oui.
Oh hoh hoh...

Supper Time:

(Mario rejoins Princess Peach, Toadsworth and some of the Toads.)

Broque Monsieur: Oh hoh!

Impressive, to see you come zis far...
I applaud zee spirit!
But zee happy times, zey end right NOW!
Now is supper time! And zee supper... is you!

Toadsworth: Dinner? Us? What drivel!

Broque Monsieur: Honh honh honnnnh...

Ah oui, for zat is why we brought you here...
You will be served to zee hongry monsters!
Zey are so famished! Ah, oui! Zey honger!

Toadsworth: Dear man... You're mad!

Broque Monsieur: Non! YOU are mad! And I repeat, you are...


Toadsworth: Surely, you jest!

Broque Monsieur: Mais non, zis is no jest! Succumb to zee fears!

All will be monster-snacked! Zee hongry beasts will feed!

Toads: EEEEK!

Toadsworth: Princess! We must flee!

(The Grombas jump on top of Broque Monsieur, squishing him.)

Broque Monsieur: Bad monsters! No jump! Non!!

Naughty! Naughty! Heel for moi!

(A Gromba runs into Broque Monsieur and he goes flying off the screen.)

Broque Monsieur: HORP!

Toadsworth: Master Mario!

Princess Peach: Mario! Careful!

(The Grombas run into Mario and start the battle.)

How-to do a Proper Attack/Dodge an Attack:

Toadsworth: Master Mario!

As you see, battles begin when you touch an enemy!
Right off, give this cur a Jump attack!
Did you note the numbers that appeared as you stomped?
That's the amount of damage you delivered just now, Master Mario!
When you deliver damage to a foe, its HP, or health points, goes down...
Thusly will you eventually defeat all ne'er-do-wells!
Now, do you recall the trick to a PROPER attack?
Indeed, shall I explain how one deals more damage?


Toadsworth: Ahem!

Very good. To begin, hit the Jump block!
Press the A Button at this exact moment!
Pressing the button at the moment you stomp will deal more damage!
Well done, Master Mario!
As you clearly know, pressing the button again on your second leap...
It delivers even more damage! I trust you'll keep this front of mind?
Master Mario!
As you just saw, your foes will close in and attack!
However... You can dodge such things!
Shall I explain how you can dodge an enemy's attack?


Toadsworth: Very good! Prepare yourself for this scoundrel's attack!

If that connects, you'll end up getting rather savaged.
Use your jump to dodge! Press the A Button!
That's it, Master Mario!
Master Mario!
Yes, dodging a foe's salvo lets one escape damage!
Study the foe's attack pattern to time your jump! Timing is crucial!

(Mario defeats the Gromba and ends the battle.)

Results Screen:

Toadsworth: Master Mario! A masterful victory!

Defeat foes...
And you earn EXP! Yes, experience points!
For this bout, you got 3 EXP!
This flag here ascends as you earn EXP!
For what you just earned, how far will it go, hm?
Well, it didn't move all that much, did it now?
Indeed, this is why you should trounce every monster you see...
Yes, pummel them all!
Raise the flag to the top!
Once it reaches the top...
Mm... Well, cheers to that!
Well then!
Best of luck!

Prepare for Nibbling:

Princess Peach: What's the meaning of this?

He can't possibly mean to feed us to monsters...

Toadsworth: If so, Princess, then we are in dire straits indeed!

Master Mario! Things have taken a turn for the rather dangerous!
I and my sturdy cohorts will stay here and protect the princess.
What say you run ahead and see what's what? There's a good lad!

Broque Monsieur: Oh honh! At last you come!

I am kept waiting for too long!
Zat did not quite go to plan earlier... Non...
But zee backfire has only made mon wrath grow!
Zis one is stronger! Oui, and ravenous!
Prepare for nibbling!
Zis ends only when zee last morsel is snacked!
Bitez him!

(The Gromba falls asleep.)

Broque Monsieur: Oh... Ah!

Mm? Wake up!
Now! Lazy monster! Zis is not nap time!

Toadsworth: Master Mario! Seize the day!

Leap upon that hapless foe to begin the battle!
With luck, you'll land some pre-fisticuffs damage!

(Mario jumps on the Gromba and starts the battle.)

How-to Counterattack:

Toadsworth: Master Mario!

If you start a battle with a preemptive stomp, as you just did...
You'll damage the foe before the proper fight begins!
I highly recommend making a habit of doing so!
Master Mario!
I've noticed an opportunity in these fiends' attacks...
You can counterattack those little beasties!
Shall I explain counterattacks?


Toadsworth: Study the movements of the enemy!

Press the A Button and stomp this lout!
Mercy, Master Mario! Simply marvelous!
Thusly can you counter many enemy attacks!
Observe the foe's moves, and counterattack when you can!
Master Mario!
There's naught else I can teach about counterattacks!
I'll leave the rest to you!

(Mario defeats the Grombas and ends the battle.)

A Luigi Report:

Broque Monsieur: Well, zat is zat...

Zere were mistakes here and zere... But zis was quite zee spectacle, non?

Toadsworth: This was an act?

Broque Monsieur: But of course!

Zis was but one of many events prepared for vous!
You felt zee passions, non? Monster supper, indeed!

Princess Peach: Oh, I'm so relieved! My heart almost stopped!

Broque Monsieur: Honh, oui, zat is satisfactory. Now, let us continue onward!

Pi'illo Castle, she lies just before us!
We are un moment away! Come!

Toadsworth: Ahh, looks like we shall reach proper lodging at last.

Princess Peach: Mario, thank you for seeing us here safely.

Although... Now that I think of it, whatever happened to Luigi?

Toadsworth: Quite right! We haven't seen him since arriving at the blimport...

Might he still be dozing?


Hufff... Hefff...
I'm here with a Luigi report... He's still totally conked.
We've got top Toads on waking-up duty, but no dice.
We'll get him up eventually, though. You guys go ahead.

Toadsworth: Tsk! Dear me... Such a slugabed...

Princess Peach: All right, everyone, let's keep going!

(Princess Peach, Toadsworth and some of the Toads go ahead.)

Luigi Rejoins the Group:

(Mario rejoins Princess Peach, Toadsworth and some of the Toads, in front of Pi'illo Castle.)

Broque Monsieur: Welcome! Oui, welcome!

Welcome to Pi'illo Castle!
Are we enjoying zee good times so far?
Oui. Your faces tell me zis is true!

Princess Peach: Well, it certainly was exciting...

Broque Monsieur: Ohh! Sweet princess! Zese words give me joy!

Zee heart, it soars!
Zee dreams, zey are true!
And now, let us enter zee castle, s'il vous plaît!
We go!

(Luigi runs towards his friends and ends up falling over.)

Toadsworth: Master Luigi! You are LATE!

Princess Peach: Well! I'm glad you made it in time!

We were worried you'd never show.

Broque Monsieur: Oh! Oui!

Monsieur Luigi, he enjoyed zee same quiz on his way here.
Zat is right, oui, monsieur?
Oui. Zat is right. Now. Messieurs Mario and Luigi.
You won some coins in zee quiz, is zis not so?
And how many coins did we win?
Oh! Zee two of you combined won 50 coins!
Hmm... But zis sum is a bit, how you say, meager, honh?
Perhaps a petit game to fatten zee wallets?
Before you answer, know zis! Zee game is quick and easy!

Princess Peach: Oh, why not? Give it a shot!

Broque Monsieur: Ah, j'adore! Zis princess. She catches on quickly!

Very well, zen... Since time is money...
Now we play... COIN-UP CHALLENGE!


Broque Monsieur: Monsieur Mario. Monsieur Luigi.

You need to take turns hitting zee blocks to elevate zee platforms.
Monsieur Mario will hit zee red block by pressing the A Button! Oui!
And Monsieur Luigi will hit zee green block by pressing the B Button!
Take turns hitting zee blocks with good timing to go up, up, UP!
Zee higher you go, zee greater zee multiplier on zee coins you hold!
And if you make it to zee very top, I will even offer zee special prize.
So take turns hitting zose blocks, and try to go as high as you can!
Alors, now we start... Zee Coin-Up Challenge!

Coin-Up Challenge Prizes:

Broque Monsieur: ZEE GAME ENDS!

COINS x 3!
Stupendous! Parfait!
You started with 50 coins! And we multiply zat by 3!
So between you deux, zee grand total is...

You got 150 coins!

Broque Monsieur: As a prize for zee perfections, you get zee 1-Up Deluxe!

You got a 1-Up Deluxe!

Broque Monsieur: Coin-Up Challenge, it ends now!

And here! A prize just for playing! Oui, I insist you have zis Mushroom!

You got a Mushroom!

Broque Monsieur: Monsieur Mario! Monsieur Luigi! Zis is fine work, honh?

Oui! And now zee welcoming games end! To zee castle!

(Everyone enters Pi'illo Castle.)

Reuniting with Starlow:

Starlow: Hmmm... So much to see... I don't know where to start!


Princess Peach: Oh! Look! It's Starlow!

Starlow: Princess Peach! Toadsworth!

Princess Peach: You were invited to the island as well?

Starlow: That's right. I came all the way here to represent the Star Sprites.


Toadsworth: Hoho! Hello yello, indeed! You seem as peppy as ever!

Starlow: Huh?

It's been so long! I haven't seen you since our last adventure!
I imagine Princess Peach is relieved to have you around!
Hey, Luigi. Haven't seen you in a while either!
Of course, I'm sure it's a relief to have you here too...
I mean, I WOULD say that, but seriously...
Just... LOOK at you!
You look totally ragged! Did you get mugged or something?!
And you JUST got here! How are you so run down already?

Broque Monsier: Oh! Oh! Excusez-moi!

You have taken zee damage in battle, it seems. Oui.
Perhaps you should use zee Mushroom I gave to vous?
Ah oui! Zis idea, it is nice!

How-to use Items:

Starlow: So you got a Mushroom?

OK, but do you know how to use it? You need me to remind you how?


Starlow: Right. Well, first you just press START to open the menu screen.

This is the menu screen.
Come here to use items that you guys have picked up...
Or change gear...
Or do a little research on yourselves.
So the top screen shows your present location and how many coins you have...
Oh! And also how much time you've spent playing.
There's just a ton of useful info buried in the menu screen.
You definitely ought to pop in now and then to check it out.
Anyway, let's try using a Mushroom!
When you want to use something you're carrying, choose items.
Use the +Control Pad to go to Items, and then press the A Button.
You can also just tap the Items icon. Nice, huh?
Give it a try!
OK, so these are the items currently in your inventory.
What we want to do is select Mushrooms from the list.
Once you've selected the item you want to use, you need to choose who will use it.
For this time, select Luigi.
All right! He's healed!
All right, now hit the B Button to return to the first menu screen.
That's it for my explanation! Press the B Button one more time to close the menu.

Sightsee Like Crazy:

Broque Monsieur: Now zen, peoples! I must say again...

Welcome to zee Pi'illo Island!
Zis castle, Pi'illo Castle... You must walk around it.
Oui, you must touch many things... You must banter with zee staff...
And you must sightsee! Oui! Sightsee zis castle like crazy!
Zee tidbits of information about zee island, zey will sprinkle down...
Oui, and zey will guide you how best to enjoy zis paradise.
Ah, and by zee way...
Don't forget zee, how you say, gift shop?
Zee shopping, it is here!
Once you have sampled zee sightseeing, return to me, s'il vous plaît. Now allez!

(Broque Monsieur leaves.)

Princess Peach: Lovely! Let's tour the castle, then.

(Everyone leaves Mario and Luigi.)

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