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I'm honestly surprised Opera remembered my signin details. It's been months and I moved computers. Opera sync, you are godly.

Hi, I'm A Very Fluffy Yoshi. (The name is an in-joke that I'll explain in a bit.) You might also know me as SilvieSkydancer in a lot of places, ch0r0matsu on dA, and ch0r0-matsu on Tumblr. I've been a Mario fan since I was a kid, even though I never really grew up with him (I was a Spyro kid, hilariously enough), and even now I still periodically get on big Mario kicks. I'm in a bajillion other fandoms though, and if you wanna chat with me about those, go for it. Tell me about something and chances are I'll know what it is, or at least have heard of it.

The whole "fluffy Yoshi" thing came from a picture I saw on Tumblr, of a "scientifically accurate" Yoshi with feathers. Me being me, I got attached to the idea, and drew it myself, before falling in love with the result. I've since sort of gotten used to drawing Yoshi with feathers. It's really way cuter than it needs to be.

I'm a huge sucker for the Mario & Luigi games, mostly for their unique environments that I wish got explored more, and characters that I deeply wish would cross to the main series instead of being stuck in M&L- yes, Prince Peasley, I'm looking squarely at you.

Speaking of the bean prince, he's my favorite Mario character. I've drawn him a couple times and even made alt outfits for him thanks to

Sorry, I kinda suck at bios, so this is a bit short. I'll probably expand on this later. There will be userboxes here shortly. Just gotta find a few.