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With the success of the Japanese video game console the Famicon Nintendo wanted to release an American version of the Famicon in the U.S. Nintendo started by broadcasting the system at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where not a single system was sold, after the failure at the CES Nintendo decided to remarket the gaming system as an entertainment system and a toy by including with the system a little robot named R.O.B. Robot Operating Buddy and a zapper gun.

After the remarketing they try again to sell the N.E.S. at the 1984 CES and the reception was better but they realized they’d never be able to sell the system nationwide under their own name Nintendo decides to make a deal with the toy company Worlds Of Wonder maker of two popular toys at the time Teddy Ruxpin and Laser tag and gain access to Worlds of Wonder’s partners and toy stores around the country and begin producing the consoles to be shipped nationwide and shortly after gaining nationwide stores to sell the consoles the N.E.S. flies off the shelves for many years to come becoming one of the best selling systems of all time. About ten years after the debut of the N.E.S. production ceased of the N.E.S. and its games lasting ten years a very long lifespan of a video game console

The N.E.S. was sold in two main bundles. The base set which included the system, two controllers and Super Mario Bros. which sold for 199.99$ at the time 396.00$ today

Dear, Linda Grosskopf

I am writing on the subject of the release of gray wolves into Yellowstone Park. I am in full support of the reintroduction of the wolves for the following reasons: Wolves pose little to no threat to humans, the wolves will reduce the number of elk and other prey that have increased dramatically over the years, and lastly the reintroduction of wolves will bring increased tourism to Yellowstone to see and hear the wolves in their natural environment. First and foremost wolves are of little to no danger to humans as long as the tourists don’t try to pet them, get near their children or chase after them. In the times since the wolves have been exterminated from Yellowstone the elk population has gone through the roof and seriously reduced the grasses in Yellowstone; with the wolves back the elk population will be back to normal levels and bring back the grasses the elk had previously destroyed. As the last reason to bring the wolves back the reintroduction of the wolves will bring increases tourism to Yellowstone to see the wolves; many people will come in Yellowstone to hear the wolves howling in the morning, and with the wolves being of no harm to humans more people will stay to see them. However there is still a concern that the gray wolves will come into major tourist areas or leave the park grounds and devour local livestock. Therefore I suggest having the first batch of wolves to be tagged and monitored to see their major areas of living and to make sure they stay in the park grounds. Should they escape we can know where they are and make sure they don’t consume local rancher’s livestock. I hope you consider these factors and possible solution to the problem. Have a nice day and thank you for your time.


Joziah Coleman

The deluxe set which included the R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) unit, two controllers, an N.E.S. Zapper, Gyromite (a R.O.B. game), Duck Hunt, and Super Mario Bros. which sold for 249.99$ at the time 496.00$ today.