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Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk)

What's up, Brawlers? This month on Brawl Tactics, I will be spotlighting a certain pink puff! That's right, everyone, this month, I will be focusing on Jigglypuff!

Jigglypuff is a small- sized fighter who's pretty light. She doesn't move very fast, but she's got a surprising amount of power for a fighter her size. Her jump is not very impressive, but her Final Smash can really turn the tables- but not always in the way you might expect.

Jigglypuff's Standard Special is Rollout. This move isn't much like the Rollout some of you may know from the Pokémon series. She won't hurl rocks at your opponent, but she will roll herself at her opponents. Hold down the B button until she's going fast enough for you, then let her go into a super spin! You will bowl over your opponents, but you need to be careful. She's hard to stop, but you can turn her fairly easily. I would still approach this move with caution, but it can be really helpful at times. Let's say you need a quick getaway! Use this move and do damage to your opponent as well!

Jigglypuff's Side Special is Pound. I know, I know, it can be a lame move in the Pokemon series. It's kind of lame in Brawl, too. If you knock her far enough off the side and she uses up all of her jumps, she will continue to Pound the air in front of her until she finally KOs herself. It will take awhile, and it really gets annoying. But enough about that! This move can be used repeatedly easily, which can put your opponent into a mild stun. It won't do much damage, but it's a fair distraction, or it can prep to a bigger, more damaging move.

Jigglypuff's Up Special is Sing. Please be aware that this is NOT a jumping move and you CANNOT USE IT FOR RECOVERY. Just getting that out of the way first. Onto it's usefulness. You all must know Sing from the Pokemon series. If other Pokémon couldn't learn it normally, it would most definitely be Jigglypuff's signature move. I mean, it's known for putting people to sleep! If you use this move, use it when your opponents are either close to you or coming towards you. It's pretty accurate at putting them to sleep, when they get close enough. And this is a full-on sleep. Not some little nap, it's for real. So if you get caught in her soporific melody, mash those buttons as hard as you can to wake up your character, because falling asleep while fighting Jigglypuff is not a god idea.

Jigglypuff's Down Special is Rest. I know what all you Pokémon fans are thinking. "I'll just use Rest and get my health back!" NO! It doesn't work that way. This move is significantly weaker in Brawl than it is in Melee or Super Smash Bros. You will not get a super powerful shock like you do in those games. You will get a flower. So not only is it hard to use, the effect doesn't even really make up for it, and if you fail, you fall asleep!

Jigglypuff's Final Smash is Puff Up. This is not a real Pokemon move, but it's an interesting Final Smash. If you're working with a teammate, you might want to warn them before you activate your Final Smash. This move pushes everyone within range off to the side, and it can fling you quite far if you're not watching. I suggest saving it for the middle of the stage, or a smaller stage. Get her growing, and watch the show start. She's invincible, so if you're not expecting it, watch yourself! Take on enemies of all sizes with Puff Up!

I hope things are cleared up for you with the Puffy Pokémon Jigglypuff! If you can master her powers, watch the entire game crumble at your feet! See you next month on BRAWL TACTICS!