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Special Section II

by Turboo (talk)


I first found the wiki in 2007; I’m not sure if I was looking up any kind of Mario information, or just happened to stumble upon it, but nevertheless, I was still incredibly excited about this find. I only spent a short amount of time looking at the actual wiki, and directed my attention more towards the forum; I suppose I was fascinated by it at the time. I held off on making an account on either one of them, though.

After a few months of browsing the forum, I found Userpedia. I was very interested in it, as usual; perhaps moreso than the forum. The amount of activity struck me as amazing, and so did the decent amount of content. I still held off on making an account, until the middle of August 2008, when I decided to enter the chatroom and meet the community first.

Everyone there made a rather positive impression on me, so I decided to enter the main channel at the time, #mariowiki. The activity was much higher than #userpedia, and I stayed in there for around the rest of the day. I kept visiting every day, and then decided to finally make accounts on the wiki, forum, and Userpedia. Unfortunately, Scribblewiki crashed about a month or so after I joined. Not much happened after that; I did, however, take over the unregistered awards channel, not knowing what it was, for quite a while.

Early 2009 wasn’t very different from 2008; everyone seemed to be a bit crazier (or depressed, depending on the person), though. In the middle of the year, a plan to temporarily shut down #mariowiki was proposed, since basically everyone was out of control at that point (maybe myself included; I can’t actually remember), although we ended up not going through with the plan. Things proceeded as normal (as in, everyone trolling each other and starting flamewars) until early October, when Paper Jorge and I, fed up with Tabuuownsall132x2, decided to use NukeDPL on Userpedia by guessing the password to his account. After I helped clean it up a bit, Jorge ended up banned for a while, and my ban was contested many times, though I was eventually just banned for a few months (I believe it expired in June of last year) after telling Moofle and the at-the-time unbanned Jorge to spam the wiki a while after the incident; Jorge ended up permabanned after that, though.

In early 2010, a discussion about making #mariowiki an unofficial channel was brought up, after a post in a thread about a user’s ban from the forums. It spanned an 8-page thread, which eventually devolved into everyone bashing Ralphfan. They did, however, go through with the idea this time, and make new channels for the wiki (#mwchat and #mwikitalk). A bit after this, a reform attempt for the old channel was suggested by Super Mario Bros., but was declined. The new channels were then set up and organized with a new op team being picked out, and, for once, the chat was fairly normal, although it no longer had the activity it did back in ’08–’09.

Since nothing really notable has happened in 2011 yet, I suppose those were all of the important events I can sum up (that I’ve experienced, at least). The wiki will be turning 5 this year, and I’ll be turning 3 once August rolls around. Although the wiki has had its share of problems (mostly ones related to chat, heh), my experience here has been pretty good; I don’t plan to leave any time soon!