Template:Just released

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This article is about a game that has just been released. Major changes should be made by a contributor who has a reliable source. This template should be removed after a month has passed since the game was first released.

To use this template for a recently released game, type {{just released|date=DATE}}, replacing "DATE" with the release date. If it is for a real-life subject other than a game (console, publication. etc.), type {{just released|SUBJECT|date=DATE}}, replacing "SUBJECT" with the class of the thing being released (console, publication, etc.). For in-game (etc.) subjects (i.e. enemies, locations, characters, items, etc.), use {{new subject}} instead. To use this template for a specific section, rather than an entire article, type {{just released|date=DATE|section=yes}} or {{just released|SUBJECT|date=DATE|section=yes}}.