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See MarioWiki:Citations for additional details on using the reference system.


Based on Wikipedia's citation template, this template can be used for a variety of citations across a variety of different works, let it be publications, web pages, and so forth. Remember to include it between the the <ref> and </ref> tags.



Citing a book for the Electrified Anemone's name:

<ref>{{cite|author=von Esmarch, Nick, and Cory van Grier|publisher=[[Prima Games]]|title=''Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze'' Official Game Guide|isbn=978-0804162524|page=26}}</ref>


All citations

These parameters should always be included whenever possible.

  • Title (title): The title of the source.
  • Author (author): The full name in "Lastname, Firstname" format or the username of whoever wrote the content of the source.
  • Publisher (publisher): The publisher of the book, or the website on which the web page was found.
  • Date (date): The date the book or page was published (e.g. "January 1, 2000").

Specific citation types

These parameters should only be included for a given type of media.

Physical books

  • ISBN (isbn): The ISBN of the book.
  • Page (page): The page number on which the citation was found.
  • Location (location): The location of the publisher (e.g. "New York, NY" or "Tokyo, Japan"). Requires a publisher.

Website links

  • URL (url): The full URL to the page (https:// may be excluded). Requires a title.
  • Format (format): The file format of the URL if non-webpage (e.g. "PDF"). Requires a title.
  • Timestamp (timestamp): The relevant timestamp of the URL if video (e.g. "3:11"). Requires a title.
  • Access date (accessdate): The date at which the source was accessed (e.g. "January 1, 2000"). This is to preserve the state of the web page at that time, since unlike physical media, web pages can change at any point.
  • Dead link (deadlink): Set to yes to swap priority of the url and archive links. If no archive is available, marks the reference as a {{dead link}}.

Optional parameters

These parameters should only be included if relevant to the citation.

  • Archive (archive): The full URL to a web archive of an online source (https:// may be excluded).
    • Archiver (archiver): The archival source. Omit for Wayback Machine and archive.today, since the template automatically checks for these.
    • Archive date (archivedate): The date at which the URL was archived. Omit for Wayback Machine and archive.today long links, since the template automatically grabs the date from the URL.
  • Quote (quote): A brief excerpt from the book or web page providing more context to the citation. Using quotes is encouraged because it allows readers to see evidence behind a claim quickly and directly on the wiki itself, rather than needing to seek out the evidence in question in order to prove that it has not been fabricated.
  • Language (language): The language code of the publication (e.g. "fr-ca"). Regular text may be used instead if needed. Requires a publisher.