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How to use this template:

  • Use the attribute {{{lang}}} to specify your language. You only need to put in the code, e.g. "en". The rest will be filled in automatically. The list of codes can be found at MarioWiki:Babel. When adding a new language code, please make to conform to this document.
  • Next, fill in your level of proficiency using the attribute {{{lvl}}}
  • If you'd like, you may override the default color scheme using the attributes {{{border}}}, {{{mainbkgd}}}, {{{codebkgd}}}, and {{{codecolor}}}.
  • If you'd prefer not to have a userbox, you can instead set the attribute {{{mode}}} to "none." This will categorize you automatically, but without displaying a userbox.
  • If you'd prefer a "table-less" setup (i.e. using {{Userboxp}}) set {{{mode}}} to "p".




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