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Sadly (for me) this article became a redirect and was marged. Is there anyone who actually opposes? Silent but deadly! SuperLuigi821 You lost everything. Way to go genious.

It's been over two years, but I gotta say I don't really see the sense in keeping Toadsworth the Younger at his own page and merging this. I guess Toadsworth the Younger has a bigger role in the game, and his coexistence with his older self seems to make him more of an individual (it's the only reason he got the official name of "Toadsworth the Younger" in opposition to "Toadsworth the Older" and everything, whereas Young Elvin Gadd was just called Professor E. Gadd if I remember right), but I guess I'll just make the same argument I always have: If Baby Mario's not merged with Mario, why merge other younger versions, even if they are not quite as young? YELLOWYOSHI398