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This article could use a little more work. Yoshis make an appearance in Super Mario Sunshine. Mario would find them in eggs and would hatch them when he gave them the kind of fruit they want, indicated by a thought bubble above the egg. When hatched and ridden by Mario, Mario could make them use the jump where they wave their legs and be elevated a few more feet and make them shoot juice, which was usefull for clearing away yellow goo stuff that would hide various goodies and block pipes. Yoshi would disinigrate into green, white, and red bits, similar to the colors of the original Yoshi(these are differently colored), when it touched water or ran out of juice. The juice could be replaced by eating fruit(pressing B when near a peice of fruit). The fruit would grow on trees and could be found at Delfino Plaza in the stalls. There is a glitch where if Mario jumped off Yoshi in the middle of eating a fruit the fruit would float in midair and the next time Yoshi tried to eat a fruit the fruit that was floating in midair will appear in front of Yoshi and Yoshi would eat that fruit.-Pikdude


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Blue and Red Baby Yoshi eggs in the final version of NSMBU?[edit]

Instead of picking them up on the map, are there any levels that allow you earn Balloon Baby Yoshis and Bubble Baby Yoshis from blocks? (where they hatch out of their eggs) BooDestroyer (talk) 13:09, 15 December 2012 (EST)