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Boomerang Glitch?[edit]

At the end of 7-Airship, I had defeated Boom Boom and Pom Pom and turned into Boomerang Mario. At the last ship with the Goal Pole, after the timer, I threw a boomerang from where the timer was. It went over the first set of mini stairs, and I jumped over it. On the second step/level from the bottom, I waited to see the boomerang break, but it was spinning against the wall of the lower section. When I jumped down, it returned to me. I did it one more time, and it appears to work for as long as you want, seeing as you don't move. I could only pull this off twice. I tried it on another airship, but I could not get it right? Sorry for the long boring description, but could this be investigated? User:8BrickMario

Relly interesting, but this belongs on the talk page for Super Mario 3D Land/Glitches.
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