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Toru Asakawa as King Boo and ROB[edit]

Given the games he's credited for it can surely be concluded that Asakawa is King Boo, right? The only two exceptions are Olympic Games and Island Tour, but that just means he voiced someone else in those games.

The fact that his work with the company started with Luigi's Mansion suggests that his voice work came from that title, as does the fact that no brand new characters are introduced in the Sluggers, Olympics, and other series.

In addition to not crediting voice actors who do not contribute new clips, it would seem that Nintendo hides the voices of their creature roles in their sound staff, since they are not voice actors by trade and, technically speaking, are not hiding any of their contributions in the roles of "Sound Effects" and "Sound Program."

The simple truth is that non-Nintendo developed games such as the Sluggers, Strikers, Olympic Games and Party series have shone the light on these previously-hidden voice roles and we must now trace the names to their origins. There are only so many characters in these games that have a voice behind them rather than pure sound effects that inevitably one must be willing to look past the literal applications of these credits to see just how these actors could have voiced these characters who were previously believed to be completely artificial in design. It's like Charles Martinet as Donkey Kong; the clips may sound like sound effects and even edited like sound effects, but they still have a human origin, and that is what needs to be recognized here. Ergo, Asakawa is to Luigi's Mansion as Minegishi is to Sunshine.

I cannot vouch for Asakawa's supposedly being Dry Bones as the editor of the recent edits claims him to be (I personally believe it to be based on the Hammer Bros. Superstar Baseball sound effects (for Superstar Baseball) and Atsushi Masaki via Magikoopa/Kamek (for Mario Party 8) [with SM64 Boo sound effects, of course]), but at the very least he was also ROB in Mario Kart DS based on the clear similarities to King Boo. Whoever or whatever else Asakawa played they're somewhere in OG and IT just waiting to be uncovered. Kyubihanyou (talk) 11:02, 28 December 2013 (EST)