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ComicBomBom also ran a manga serial named "Dr. Mario-kun" ( by the husband-and-wife duo of Kei Aoki and Mikamaru from January 2003 to December 2007.

Also, back in 1986, ComicBomBom ran a series of "Famicom How-to Manga" one-shots, all by Ikuo Miyazoe ( One of them covered "Super Mario Bros. 2" and was released in the August 1986 issue. --John Pannozzi (talk) 01:10, September 9, 2021 (EDT)

More very obscure volumes[edit]

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Does anyone have more info on the Super Mario Bros. 3 Volume since it is the only main volume that has not been fully scanned yet? Also, I found several more very obscure volumes here:スーパーマリオ_(本山一城の漫画)#登場人物 (note I used Google Translate to understand these a bit better so if the translations are wonky sorry). From what I found there is a eighth and ninth volume for the Super Mario World arc. The eighth one was about Olympics and the ninth one is about Time Travel. There was also a volume that was specifically made to be the last that has not been seen yet. If anyone has any info or scans of these missing and very obscure volumes please let me know. MontyMoleLoreMaster (talk) 23:28, December 2, 2021 (EST)