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This Assist Power-Up appears in Super Mario 3D Land. You can only recive this Power-Up after 10 lives are lost. Along with this Power-Up is the Invincibility Leaf but scince the Special P-Wings ( Also known as just P-Wings but Special P-Wings is more sutible because it is a rare but helpful Power-Up to find in Super Mario 3D Land) takes you all the way to the flag pole, it's pointless to get the Leaf unless you are willing to use this Power-Up later because thae P-Wings will be stored in the Second Item Box, located in the lower screen of the Nintendo3DS during gameplay. This Power-Up simply gives Mario wings and in no time you reached the flag pole. Notice: This Power-Up only transports Mario to the AREA of the flag pole, He's not acually on it yet so be careful trying to get at the top of the flag pole. To see an illistation of the Special P-Wings, look below.