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Isn't the name supposed to be the most recently name?--

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05:34, 18 March 2014 (EDT)

Tutorial Pig vs. Professor Chops[edit]

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This is a very similar dilemma to what happened with Queen Bee a few years ago, but with one key difference; this little piggy has appeared in two games as of now, and he has been known by two different names in said games. What happened with Queen Bee was that she appeared as "Queen Bee" in two of the three games she's appeared in, and because "Queen Bee" was more widely used than "Honey Queen", "Queen Bee" ultimately won. But what shall we do here, where there is no majority?

Keep as "Tutorial Pig"[edit]

Rename to "Professor Chops"[edit]

  1. Lord Bowser (talk) It's more recent and not as general as "Tutorial Pig".