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The Case of Nate Bihldorff[edit]

In reviewing Mario Power Tennis, I've noticed Koopa Troopa and Shy Guy to both have "voices" that pre-date Bihldorff's employment.

Koopa's clips originate from Super Mario 64 (, and Shy Guy from Yoshi's Story (

Given how Shy Guy sounds, do note how similar it sounds to Birdo starting with Toadstool Tour ( Now listen to Totakeke, a character clearly based off of Kazumi Totaka ( Hear the connection yet?

So that's how it is: Koopa Troopa uses sound effects like your typical Goomba and pre-Totaka Yoshi, and Shy Guys and Fly Guys are Totaka.

Nate Bihldorff is a voice of a minion, sure enough; just not those two.

One game he's credited in, Mario Hoops, is one where after a fair amount of research, I believe he voiced the Ninja. Use that as your guide. I'm off.

Kyubihanyou (talk) 11:32, 17 November 2013 (EST)