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I know a glitch but I can't add it look here Works with all characters --CatMario451 (talk) 15:20, 21 January 2014 (EST)

Luigi is not Solid[edit]

(We are not sure if you need to be big Luigi. We know Mini Luigi Works) If you go to Snowball park, head to the place where the 3 goombas skate. Go to the 4 blocks. Grab a snowball. Go up to the 4 Blocks. If you throw the snowball while against the blocks. The Snowball goes through Luigi without hitting him. (This was discovered by getting coins.)
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More glitches[edit]
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Oh, hello, Adrylek. I've used some of your videos as references here. You are an awesomeness glitch discoverAshley DIY2.png Ashley(and Red) My 3d world.png


Also, if someone wanna add some of this glitches..
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Meowser Skip is described incorrectly[edit]

Unfortunately, i do not have the ability to edit this page and correct the mistake. I know that the notes lead to a demonstration video, but the wording of the section is insufficient and just plain incorrect. Here is what it should say:

"This is a major glitch, which allows the player to skip the Meowser cutscene and skip straight to the autoscroller section of the battle. This glitch is mostly used in speedruns of the game due to its potential to save time.

In order to perform this glitch, the player must be playing as Peach in the level "The Great Tower of Bowser Land". The player must have a Cat Suit, with a Tanooki Suit in storage. The player must make their way to the ramp before the sliding platform that leads to Meowser. The player must align themselves inbetween the 4 tiles in the 4th column, starting after the ramp. The player must throw their Tanooki Suit out and leave it there. then proceed to slide in the opposite direction of the Super Leaf, go back, jump above it, and perform the Cat Dive Cancel exploit to gain speed, slide down the ramp, jump at the very end, cat dive back into the ramp, jump, float, grab the Tanooki Suit in mid-air, and float to the left of the blue platform around the platform that leads to Meowser. The player must let go of the float button right before landing on the very edge of the blue platform, and then jump in order to not lose their speed and momentum.

As the player is floating to the east of the bridge after performing the jump, the player must try to align themselves with a black bar at the side of the tower. This is not necessarily required, but is a good visual cue. If the player gets close enough, the cloud platforms will start popping up into the draw distance. The player must head into the direction of the clouds as it will make them land onto the autoscroller section, skipping a small chunk of the level as well as the cutscene.

Be careful, though; this trick can result in the loss of a life if done incorrectly. Doing the last section incorrectly will result in the game thinking the player is still on the platform leading to the bridge, but outside the boundaries of where the game expects the player to be. This results in a major camera shift, which often results in the death of the player (and many speedruns). A good visual cue is the camera angle; if the camera moves too much and obstructs the player's view of himself, then the player has done the trick incorrectly and will lose a life. If the camera only moves slightly and still allows the player to see himself, then the trick has been done correctly. Doing this glitch prevents any music from playing during the climb through the tower.

An in-depth tutorial video can be found here."
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Added the section you wrote. Thanks for the help. All I did was just remove the imperatives, fix the pronoun antecedent agreement, and changed some "himself"s to "Princess Peach". Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 17:36, 11 April 2014 (EDT)

Invisible Bob-omb[edit]

If you go to Bob-ombs Below in World 5 (or any level with bob-ombs, that level is just easy to find them in) and grab an invincibility Tanooki Suit, your character will still think it's holding an item if a bob-omb explodes in your hands until you let go of X/Y.
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Green Block Glitch[edit]

I've found a glitch: at the end of Mount Must Dash, there is a series of green blocks oriented vertically, right before the stretch leading up to the flagpole. By walking towards the block's corner at a certain angle, you can walk right through it. The player will most likely fall through the floor or, if attempting to run out, be pushed out of the blocks and off the cliff. I've only tried this with Toad.

Here's a Miiverse post about it.
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Capitain Toad apparence glitch[edit]

I don't know what level is, but sometimes, a script of Capitain Toad will apparear.
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Out of bounds.[edit]

About the graphical glitch seen here, it's called a visual artifact (repeated frames of movement), mention about that if the player goes to an area that isn't loaded.Temp acc1 (talk) 21:59, 27 August 2015 (EDT)

Nevermind, since CoinBro has permission to edit pages and Temp acc1 doesn't. Added.CoinBro (talk) 18:34, 28 August 2015 (EDT)

Cookie Cogworks glitch[edit]

Immediately after the checkpoint area of Cookie Cogworks (Bowser-3), there are spinning cookies. Go under the bottom cookie. If you jump while under the center, the player should phase into the cookie.

Because performing this glitch requires the player's character to be standing up, it does not work while crouching or in cat form. Even though it is possible to change powerups while phased into the cookie, the player cannot climb up walls with the cat powerup.
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Odd clear pipe Momentum[edit]

Roll then long jump into a clear pipe that has a horizontal exit on the floor, like the first one in Champions Road or the one across the small gap in Super Bell Hill. (Note that this is better with faster characters and doesn't work with one-way clear pipes.) Jump immediately when you hit the floor after exiting the clear pipe, which can be a achieved by mashing jump. You will now have an unnatural amount of speed. This momentum can be carried through near frame-perfect jumps. This trick is quite useful for acceleration, since getting to running speed can take a while.
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