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Kaeru Block[edit]

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As pointed out by TCRF: "Thought running to the start of the level after freeing the Merfle seemed a lot like Wario Land 4? Well, the game was originally going to be even more like it. The file kaerugoal_00 contains a redesign of the Frog Switch goal from WL4. In fact, the red and blue blocks that switch on/off when the countdown is triggered, much like the frog blocks in WL4, are called kaerublock." The blocks in question are probably the ones with the Bandinero face, which are known as shake blocks on page 6 of the Prima guide. Since the original Frog Blocks act practically identically (and the word kaeru can also mean "to return" which is when the blocks activate), shall we add the redesigned Shake It! blocks and rename the article to shake block? LinkTheLefty (talk) 17:40, July 7, 2020 (EDT)