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Level spelling regional difference[edit]

(This is the SNES version, not the GBA.) I loaded up the American game. It uses the standard level name grammar with "Barbos's" however when I loaded the same save RAM file on the European game (and by the way, I've actually played through both games and a few of the videos on YouTube show this) it is simply spelled "Barbos'". Would this happen to be a difference between the spelling in the English American and European games (or a version number difference, or just the game copies I'm using?) This is a side-by-side comparison by the way, the left one using the American copy and the right one using the European copy. (Note that the YouTube videos that have the European version grammar are also the same walkthroughs made by people that have the Rocket Rush G letter in their Rocket Rush videos that was missing in the American release, so they were definitely playing the PAL SNES version). This difference does not exist between the American and European GBA games (I've checked) and the GBA game uses the standard "Barbos's" spelling in both regions (and I know what it is since the American version has that mistake in Surf's Up where both the "K" and "O" letters are missing, and that other mistake in that same level that allows you to bypass the toboggan) so I highly doubt it's a version number difference (and I think the American VC release of the SNES version uses the "Barbos's" spelling). I highly suspect it's a difference between the American and European SNES versions, and if so would it be relevant to mention anywhere? ThePokémonGamer (talk) 22:39, 13 February 2018 (EST)