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Pardon me[edit]

Pardon me for asking, but, where did that description come from? Cos' it looks nothing like the description from my game. =| My Bloody Valentine I think it is poorly translated from Spanish or something. =|

Actually, it matches up perfectly with the description in the Wii guide for the game, well, almost there should be no ! at the end just a .--Marioguy1 (talk) 01:23, 4 July 2009 (EDT)

A categorized list for the London game[edit]

I should have put this in the discussion first (forgive me, I never joined a wiki before), but I have recently submitted a list of swimming styles and the characters that went under each style.

Breaststroke Wario Bowser Amy Eggman Silver

Butterfly Knuckles DK Blaze Metal Sonic Waluigi

Crawl Luigi Mario Bowser Jr. Shadow Daisy Peach Mii

Dog Paddle Yoshi Tails

Gator Style Vector

Water Sprint Sonic

I tested this with the game and played as every character. For the Mii, I did test some of the costumes, but I didn't recognized a difference. If there is a special exception with a certain costume or anything to do with the Mii, do inform me.

Edit: The information did not keep, but I think we should at least add the following.

Silver: Breaststroke DK: Butterfly Metal Sonic: Butterfly Bowser Jr.: Crawl
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