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Several rings of coins with single coins in the center.
Types of coin spawners appearing in Super Mario 64
The types of coin spawners appearing in Super Mario 64.

The Spawning Point is one of the many objects that are found within Super Mario 64, with Mario himself being an object. The function of a spawning point is to spawn an object when Mario is near enough for an object to load. On the other hand, if Mario moves away from the spawning point, the objects will disappear. The spawning point also loads the objects all at once rather than one at a time as Mario approaches the spawning point and whatever objects it is supposed to be loading. The number of objects that appear is determined by how far away or near Mario is to the spawning point, and if the spawning point detects that Mario is in range of it, it emits signals to the game to make the coins or whatever object it is in dominion of appear. However, Mario cannot interact with the spawner under normal circumstances, as it is intangible and invisible. Only through the aid of a glitch can a spawn point be interacted with.

A coin spawning point always spawns lines of five coins or rings or arrows of eight coins, but there are special kinds of coins that are not in dominion of a spawning point; for instance, there are groups of coins known as singletons and the coins that are within an enemy's body, such as a Goomba or Bob-omb.

The spawning point has another function: the ability to prevent objects from respawning. For example, if Mario grabs a coin from within the spawning point's radius, the coin collected notifies the loading point that it has been so, thus if Mario moves away from the spawning point and returns, the spawning point will not reload the coin as it remembers the coin in question being collected; although by cloning a coin or the spawning point itself, this can be prevented to be able to collect an infinite amount of coins.

However, there are some objects that do respawn, such as the stone bridges in Whomp's Fortress. Normally, when Mario runs across the bridge, the stone platforms fall down and plummet to the ground, breaking upon impact. They respawn seconds later for Mario to sprint across them again[1].