Punch Ball

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A Punch Ball from Punch Ball Mario Bros.

Punch Balls are items only appearing in the Mario Bros.-based game Punch Ball Mario Bros.. They are red and green balls that can be thrown at enemies, resulting in them being stunned and allowing Mario or Luigi to walk over and defeat them. Its range is not very far and it will make one small bounce after hitting the floor. If the POW is activated while it is on the floor, it will bounce twice. The balls must be retrieved after every throw, even after losing a life. If the ball falls into the bottom pipe, it will respawn on the POW. If there is no POW, it will fall to the lowest floating platform. It is impossible to throw and jump at the same time as both moves use the same button.


  • In the Punch Ball Mario Bros. title screen, a Punch Ball appears instead of the game's normal cursor.
  • According to the instruction manual, the balls are made of stone.