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Toad House[edit]


  1. Goomba (talk) Pretty nicely written, several good-quality images, didn't catch any bias, no rewrite or any similar templates, no red links, and reasonable length. There also aren't any empty sections, and very few spelling/grammar mistakes. I think this article is fit to be featured.
  2. A Paragoomba and the Koopa Bros. (talk)
  3. Gonzales Kart Inc. (talk)


  1. Yoshi876 (talk) It seems to be missing information for Paper Mario: Sticker Star, as the quote comes from Kersti. Whilst there is a Paper Mario section it states that Toad Houses only appeared in Paper Mario and were replaced by inns afterwards, but if that is so, why Kersti reference them?
  2. Freakworld (talk) As Yoshi876 said, the Paper Mario section is too short. Also, the NSMBW and NSMB2 sections could be rewritten/expanded (but that's minor), but the main problem is the "Other Appearances" section. There are houses listed, which can't even be accurately classified as Toad houses per article.
  3. Baby Luigi (talk) The image that will show up on the main page is a hideous JPEG. I know it's hard to get good quality screenshots for handheld games, but this is not an exception. Also per all
  4. Pinkie Pie (talk) Per all

Removal of Opposes[edit]

  1. Goomba (talk) The noted sections have been cleaned up accordingly.


@Yoshi876 Could I add that for you? A Paragoomba and the Koopa Bros. (talk)

I added it, I hope that makes you happy A Paragoomba and the Koopa Bros. (talk)
I am happy, but I do agree with Freakworld, so my oppose will stay, also as it is perred I can't delete itYoshi876 (talk)

It would be nice if we had all the possible Toad House combinations. Yes, the items you acquire in Toad Houses in the New Super Mario Bros. games do have a set map. LeftyGreenMario (talk)

Nevermind; it's sort of covered in Power-Up Panels. LeftyGreenMario (talk)