List of Mario references in theater

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The various theater productions about Mario and his friends.

Jump Man: A Mario Musical[edit]

Funded by Kickstarter, this musical made its debut in late 2014.[1]

Mario Opera[edit]

The Mario Opera was a musical created and written by Jonathan Mann, a student at the California Institute of the Arts in Santa Clarita, California. It was initially performed in May 2005. The Mario Opera now has a large internet following, and was featured in Maxim Magazine and on G4 television. Eight years after the original company of performers disbanded, Mann was invited to do a one-off stage reading of the opera in 2013, although subsequent talks of potentially re-launching the show fell through. The first act of the play was uploaded onto YouTube by Mann in 2014.

Super Mario Bros. Skit[edit]

A group of college students created a skit based on the original Super Mario Bros. game. The act was performed at a talent show at Gordon College. For a full video of the skit, visit this link: Super Mario Bros. Skit at YouTube