Snow Way Out

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Snow Way Out
Appears in Mario Party 8
Type 1-vs.-3 mini-game
Controls Wii Remote:
Shooter: Use the Pointer to move the cursor.
Runners: Hold sideways
Shooter: A Button / B Button Throw snowball
Runners: +Control Pad Move
Two Button Jump
Time limit 30 seconds
Music Chase and Overtake

Snow Way Out is a 1-vs.-3 minigame in Mario Party 8. Its name is a pun on "no way out".


The three players will pop out of the roof of a cottage (similar to the one seen at the end of the Mario Party 5 minigame Tube It or Lose It), on to the roof, in a background of snow, and trees with snow on them. The other player will drive in on a snow vehicle.


Results of the minigame

The one player is trying to make the three fall off, by shooting snowballs from the vehicle, and either hitting them directly to encase them in ice, or hitting the roof, making it slippery, thus making it easier for them to fall off. The other three are trying to survive until time runs out. The single player aims with the Wii Remote, and uses the A Button button to launch a snowball. The trio uses the +Control Pad to move, and the Two Button button to jump. If all three players fall off the roof or are frozen, the solo player wins. If at least one player survives until time runs out, the trio wins.


If the one player wins, then it will show him or her do the victory dance, while the other three are sitting next to him in the snow, dizzy. If the trio win, the one player is forced to retreat with a sad face as they do victory poses.

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"One player has 30 seconds to make three rivals fall from a roof by throwing snowballs and icing up the shingles!"
  • Hint"Throwing snowballs? Ice the roof! Make foes slip! On the run? Watch out for slick spots!"

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Avalancha artificial Artificial avalanche
French Les Fuyards sur le Toit The Runaways on the Roof
German Schneeballschlacht Snowball Fight
Italian Un Tetto per 3 A Rooftop to 3


  • A Koopa can be seen looking through the window and waving from inside the cottage.