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Appears in Mario Party 8
Type Duel mini-game
Controls Wii Remote: Move targeting cursor
Buttons: None
Music It's on Now

Eyebrawl is a Duel minigame that makes an appearance in Mario Party 8. Its name is a pun on "eyeball". Mr. Is appear in the minigame, including one large individual that may be a Big Mr. I.


The players are running into a dark forest, when they come to a pause. The camera moves up, showing a dark cloud in the night sky. The dark cloud slowly moves away, revealing a full moon. The camera then pans back to the two characters, as two Mr. I's appear, causing both characters gasp in shock.


The player must move the Wii Remote in circles around a Mr. I's head about three or more times, until that Mr. I is defeated (à la Eye Sore). Precise movements are encouraged, not just frantically moving the Wii Remote around. However in that Mr. I's place, another Mr. I (now slightly bigger) will appear. The player must then again move the Wii Remote in circles around the Mr. I.

Then after that Mr. I is defeated, a big Mr. I will appear and the player must then move the Wii Remote in circles around the Mr. I. It will then be defeated. The character that beats one of the big Mr. Is first will then be the winner of the game.


Wario loses the minigame

After the player defeats the Mr. I, they will do their winning pose, until several tiny Mr. I's appear out of nowhere just like hthe first Mr. I's, causing the winner to scream and start running off the screen. The loser will be too shocked to move, and the miniature Mr. I's surround them while the big Mr. I just looks at them.

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Make Mr. I dizzy. Spin the targeting cursor around him as fast as you can!"
  • Hint"Big, accurate moves get Mr. I dizzy in a hurry."


  • In the game, Skylanders, a character: Eye-Brawl, has a very similar name
  • This is thought to quite possibly be the most horrific minigame in the Mario Party series.