Golden Mushroom

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Golden Mushroom
A golden Mushroom that sometimes has a crown on its head.

First Appearance

Mario Kart 64 (1996)

Latest Appearance

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2014)

Effect on Player

Mario Kart series: Endless speed boosts for a limited time
Mario & Luigi series: Restores all HP and BP.
Mario Party series: Allows player to roll three Dice Blocks in one turn.
New Super Mario Bros 2: Gives the player 50 or 100 coins on contact.

The Golden Mushroom (sometimes referred to as a Gold Mushroom) is an item that appears in several Mario games. It is a rare Mushroom, sometimes depicted with a crown on its head, and it always gives the player a positive effect when used. Golden Mushrooms sometimes vary by color and luster between games, but they are always a strong item.


Super Mario series[edit]

Super Mario World[edit]


Originally a flying Golden Mushroom would have appeared in that game but was removed for unknown reasons. They are worth extra lives, like 1-Up Mushrooms.

New Super Mario Bros. 2[edit]

Gold Mushrooms appear in New Super Mario Bros. 2 in the Coin Rush mode and replace 1-Up Mushrooms, and when Mario collects it, he gets 50 coins (or 100 coins if he is Gold Mario) upon contact. It lacks the crown from its contemporary Mario Kart appearances and the colouring is reversed from all other occurrences, with the spots being darker than the background.

Mario Kart series[edit]

The Golden Mushroom appears in Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7, and Mario Kart 8. Since Mario Kart 64, it gives the player an endless amount of speed boosts for a limited time. Additionally, in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, it is Toad and Toadette's special item. The Golden Mushroom's initial appearance is a glowing gold Mushroom, but since Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, it has been given a gold crown with red jewels as well. This item was originally going to be in Mario Kart: Super Circuit, but never made it to the final game.

In the Mario Kart 64 manual, it is called Super Mushroom. In the European version of Mario Kart 7, it is called Golden Dash Mushroom.

Mario & Luigi series[edit]

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, it is used as a Mushroom and a Syrup in one item, restoring both HP and BP to max for a single brother. Though there are only five Golden Mushrooms in-game, a glitch that happens with Fawful or Popple and Birdo can net the player with an infinite amount of them. The player must use Swing Bros. and get the mushroom then get a game over and return to the place. The player keeps the golden mushroom, and can repeatedly do that as long as they wish.

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the Mushroom Drop is also golden and is the game's Nut. They heal the Mario Bros. and the Baby Mario Bros. 15, 30, and 60 HP for the normal, Super, and Ultra versions, respectively. Although they aren't called golden mushrooms, their appearance is very similar to that of most of the golden mushrooms.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's Star Candy later replaces the Golden Mushroom and the game's Nut replaces Mushroom Drops.

Mario Party series[edit]

Mario Party 3.

In Mario Party 2, 3, 5, 6 and Mario Party 7, it allows players to roll three Dice Blocks at one time on their turn, (or in Mario Party 5, on their next turn if they landed on a space containing it), instead of just the standard one Dice Block. In Mario Party 4, it is replaced by Super Mega Mushroom, which serves a similar purpose. In Mario Parties 2-7, the user gets 20 coins for a triple number and a 50 coin bonus for triple 7s. In the 8-player mode in Mario Party 7, if two players roll the same numbers on all six dice blocks, they will get 300 coins. In Mario Party: Island Tour, known as Golden Dash Mushroom, it allows the player to add five spaces to the Dice Block roll.

Mario Party 3 features the Golden Mushroom as Mario's favorite item.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker[edit]

Golden Mushrooms, referred to as Gold Mushrooms, appear as rare collectables in some courses in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Collecting one gives the player 50 coins similar to their New Super Mario Bros. 2 appearance. These mushrooms do not have a crown and are usually a secondary objective in the courses it appears in. Some Gold Mushrooms can only be found through invisible Pluck Patches, which can be seen once Captain Toad approaches it.

Mario Kart Wii trading card description[edit]

Golden Mushrooms generally show up in the Item Windows of racers near the back of the pack. It's an awesome tool for those unfortunate enough to be in that position as they can use it to catch up to those in front. Unlike other Mushrooms, however, you can tap the Item Button as many times as you'd like to maximize your boost. Be sure to cut corners where possible with this item.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パワフルキノコ (most Mario games)
Pawafuru Kinoko
パワフルダッシュキノコ (Mario Kart series)
Pawafuru Dashu Kinoko
スーパーキノコ (Mario Party series)
Supā Kinoko
Powerful Mushroom

Powerful Dash Mushroom

Super Mushroom
Spanish Champiñón Dorado Golden Mushroom
French Champignon doré;Champignon d'or Golden Mushroom;Mario Party
Dutch Gouden Paddenstoel
Gouden Sprintpaddenstoel (Mario Kart series)
Golden Mushroom
Golden Dash Mushroom
German Goldener Turbo-Pilz (Mario Kart series)
GoldPilz (most Mario games)
Golden Turbo Mushroom
Golden Mushrom
Italian Fungo scatto dorato
Superfungo (Mario Kart DS)
Golden dash mushroom
Super Mushroom
Portuguese Cogumelo Dourado
Cogumelo Turbo Dourado (Mario Kart series)
Golden Mushroom
Golden Turbo Mushroom
Russian Золотой гриб ускорения (Mario Kart series) Golden Mushroom of Acceleration
Korean 황금버섯
황금대시버섯 (Mario Kart series)
Hwang-geum Beoseot
Hwanggeum Dasi Beoseot
Golden Mushroom
Golden Dash Mushroom (Mario Kart series)