Golden Diva

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Golden Diva
The Golden Diva, the final boss.
Full Name Golden Diva
Species Unknown
First Appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)

The Golden Diva is the final boss in the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4. Her appearance is that of Elizabethan robes, a fan, and multiple kabuki masks covering her real, grotesque and sinister-looking face, each of which fall off every time she takes damage. She also floats around like a ghost. The Golden Diva has in her possession the four artifacts that the prior bosses had, such as the crown that belonged to Cractus, the earrings that belonged to Cuckoo Condor, the necklace that belonged to Aerodent, and the bracelets that belonged to Catbat.


The Golden Diva cursed Princess Shokora while she slept within the Golden Pyramid, stealing treasures and turning Princess Shokora into a Black Cat. The Golden Diva stays at the center of an ancient pyramid at the end of the Golden Passage, guarding her hoard of Legendary Treasure. Wario reads a newspaper article about the treasure, and out of greed, he aims to steal it for himself.

Official artwork of the Golden Diva's icon.

Before the battle starts, Princess Shokora (who had been transformed into a Black Cat) tries to attack the Golden Diva. However, Shokora's minor tackle is not enough to defeat the Diva. The princess is abducted by the Diva's magic. When the true battle is initiated, the Diva splits her head into four copies. Three of these copies are transparent, while the other attacks Wario. When touched by a head, Wario is picked up, twirled about, and thrown at the ground, an attack which causes precious time to be wasted. Wario must jump on top of the head, making it turn blue and angry. Then Wario must pick up the head and throw it at the Diva's fan.

Once the fan is gone, she has four other attacks. Her first is throwing down a Green Enemy. This creature has spikes all around it and floats back and forth towards the ground, like a Butatabi. Wario must jump on top of the creature to stun it and throw it at the Diva's mask.

The Golden Diva in the boss battle room.

In her second attack, she creates a Big Ball. It has a smaller version of Aerodent's teddy bear on it. Wario must ram this ball. It will ricochet off walls and explode when it hits the third wall or the Diva's face. If it does hit her face, it will inflict damage.

Her third attack is much like Cuckoo Condor's second form's attack. The Diva sends eggs magically that appear and drop to the ground. When they hit the ground, they hatch into Black Ducks that home in on Wario and explode (significantly faster than the chicks hatched from Cuckoo Condor). To damage the Golden Diva when she attacks in this way, Wario must grab the eggs before they fall and throw them at the her face. If he does not throw the egg in time, it will flash a bit before exploding, hurting Wario instead.

The Golden Diva's fourth and final attack is a little more complex. She sends a Tonkachi falling to the ground. The spikes will disappear after a few seconds Wario must pick it up and throw it in the air so he can hit himself in the head with it. This will transform him into Bouncy Wario, and he must spring up and hit the mask to damage it.

After hitting her enough times, her masks will disappear and reveal her true, grotesque, and sinister-looking face. In this form, her arms are visible. She will try to attack Wario by plunging down whenever he passes underneath her and smashing the ground, revealing the spikes underneath it. Wario can damage the Diva by side tackling and jumping at her head after she has pounded the floor. After two attacks, she gets angrier and even more grotesque. after the third hit in this form, her body disappears and leaves just her lips. The spikes and what remains of the floor will also vanish. Once her lips are attacked, she is defeated and Princess Shokora and the treasure are saved.

Time given in different modes[edit]

The time given to defeat the boss varies on the game mode.

  • WL4-Normal Mode Sprite.PNG: the time given is 6:00 minutes.
  • WL4-Hard Mode Sprite.PNG: the time given is 5:00 minutes.
  • WL4-S-Hard Mode Sprite.PNG (unlockable): the time given is 4:00 minutes.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨーキ
May come from 妖気 yōki, meaning "unearthly energy".[1]
German Goldene Diva Golden Diva


  • She covers her real, grotesque face with magic masks, just like Tiaramisu, the final boss of Wario: Master of Disguise.
  • Her mask is an Okame (or Otafuku) mask, used in Japanese Noh performances.


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