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Card Party

Card Party is a side-game from Mario Party 5. It is very similar to the main game, however in the form of a card game. Hosted by Mamar (in charge of Bonus Mode), this board is entirely made up of cards, with character game pieces instead of actual characters. The first thing that players do is choose the size of the board (7x7, 8x8, 9x9, or 10x10). Then, the game pieces is chosen (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Princess Daisy, or Waluigi). Next, the order of play is chosen by picking cards numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4. The player that picks 1 is first, and so on. When this is done, players chose where to start on the board. Once the game started, each player rolled the dice (not Dice Block) and moved a certain number of spaces. As they went turning cards over, they could pick which direction they want to go. When a new card is turn over, it reveals a Path Card, Item Card, Event Card, Bowser Card, or Star Card.


Path Cards[edit]

These cards simply opened a pathway for players to continue traveling. It where they chose which direction they want to go, depending on which way the path went. It was always best to head toward the Star cards, as the winner was determined by the number of Stars. Sometimes, another die is reveal from under a Path Card, letting the player roll it and adding the number rolled to the current number of spaces left.

Item Cards[edit]

Waluigi about to get a cursed mushroom.

These cards gave useful items that can be use by pushing B Button at the beginning of the player's turn. The items used are taken from the main game and have similar effects.

Cursed Mushroom
The user had to stop a Cursed Mushroom wheel to determine which opponent took the curse, bringing their maximum die roll down to three.
Players get two dice to roll, possibly doubling their move. (three if the Dice Bonus occurs, possibly tripling the number of spaces rolled)
Warp Pipe
Using this card turns one card into a four-way junction and revealed all the Path Cards around it.

Event Cards[edit]

Red Boo attacking Wario.

These cards bring an unexpected event that can be good or bad.

Switch Places
The player trade places with a random opponent.
Send Away
The players goes back to their starting space, off the board.
This summoned Boo to steal a Star Card (regardless of what kind) from another player and give it to the player.
Red Boo
Summoned an angry red Boo that Stole the player's Star Card (regardless of what kind) and gave it to someone else.
Black Hole
Sends a player back to Start.

Bowser Card[edit]

When this card was turned over, Bowser or Koopa Kid appeared to cause trouble.

Star Cards[edit]

Mario about to win two stars.

These all look the same from the top side, but once they are flipped over, there are four possibilities:

Star Card
Worth one Star. Occasionally transforms into a Ztar Card.
Double Star
Worth two Stars. Occasionally transforms into a Double Ztar.
Ztar Card
Worth -1 Star (it is possible to have a negative number of Stars). Occasionally transforms into a Star Card.
Double Ztar
Worth -2 Stars. (it is possible to have a negative amount of Stars). Occasionally transforms into a Double Star.

Last Card Event[edit]

If one player is in fourth place when left only one card in game, one of those events can happen. Once the event is done, normal gameplay resumes.

Star Chance
The fourth place player rolls two green dice with a Star in one of each of their faces, if the player got either or both Star faces, the player gets a Star or two.
Dice Bonus
Adds one more die to the player in last place. If a Mushroom Card was used, then they will roll three dice.
Time Stopper
The player rolls the die and the number on the die becomes the number of turns that the player has to move. Only the last place player moves during that event.
Item Bonus
Adds more items to the player's inventory.


At the end of the game, the player with the most Stars wins. If there was a tie, players will then have to play a tie-breaker game to determine the winner. Eight cards were placed facing down, and players take turns choosing cards until one player revealed the Star Card. This player was then declared the winner.


  • In the character selection screen, the game pieces are labeled, Wario and Waluigi's pieces are swapped.
  • The Warp Pipe card's description states that it can "ensnare everybody", but this is untrue. It has no negative effect on other players.
  • This is one of the only games where the CPUs pick their own characters.