Baby Bowser's Pet

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Baby Bowser's Pet is a large, green, ghost/snake-like creature that Baby Bowser rides in Yoshi's Story. These strange creatures have the ability to fly. They appear in the final boss fight of the game. Baby Bowser gets on them, so if Yoshi tries to throw a Yoshi Egg at Baby Bowser, the Egg hits these pets. They are thought to be invincible, as the eggs cannot do any damage to the pet at all; they bounce off the pets. Instead, Yoshi has to throw eggs at the ceiling (which is littered with spikes), and make the spikes fall down and land on Baby Bowser. The pet will not be harmed by the spikes, though, another show of invincibility.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Spukel Dudel[citation needed] Pun on "Spuk" (Haunt)