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Hey. It's me, GalacticPetey. I haven't been active in awhile, but I hope I can help out here more in the future, just like old times.

About me

Hello all. I've been a member of this extended community since June 2009. A lot has changed since then. People have come and gone and now there are hundreds of members I've never even heard of. I've also changed a lot since then. Quite honestly, I used to be a pretty awful member on the forums. But since then, I feel like I've definietly come a long way and I'm glad this community has accepted me once again. As far as interests go I am a big fan of Godzilla, Dragon Ball, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Theatre, and of course, Nintendo. My favorite Nintendo franchises include Zelda, Pokemon, Smash, and Mario obviously.

I'm more active on the forums, so you can probably find me there easiest.