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Basic usage

The multiple image template allows you to set two or more images at the same time in a image box, similar to a gallery but without wasting space. You can use unlimited images arranged in a row either horizontally or vertically. Combine the next features to create your own gallery this time! You can go here to see more advanced results or to the {{multiframe}} template where the images share the same image frame.

{{multiple image
|align=left/center/right (right by default)
|direction=vertical/horizontal (horizontal by default)
|width=size for all the pictures, use numbers only
|footer=A single footer for all the pics

|image1=set a pic
|width1=size for an specific picture, use numbers only
|caption1=caption for an specific picture
|alt1=alternate text for pic

Example 1 Result
{{multiple image
|footer=Two Koopa shells

|image1=MKW Green Shell Artwork.png
|alt1=Green shell

|image2=MKW Red Shell Artwork.png
|alt2=Red shell
Green shell
Red shell
Two Koopa shells
Example 2 Result
{{multiple image
|footer=The Mario Bros.

|image1=NSMBW Mario Solo Artwork.png

|image2=NSMBW Luigi Solo Artwork.png
The Mario Bros.
Example 3 Result
{{multiple image
|footer=''Super Mario'' characters

|image1=NSMBW Mario Solo Artwork.png
|alt1=The plumber

|image2=NSMBW Luigi Solo Artwork.png
|alt2=Mario's younger brother

|caption3=Princess Peach
|alt3=Damsel in distress

|image4=NSMBW Bowser Artwork.png
|alt4=King Koopa
The plumber
Mario's younger brother
Damsel in distress
Princess Peach
King Koopa
Super Mario characters