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Hello. Through You tube I have some small screen shots of some kind of opening movie for this game. They were shown at E3 as far as I know.

If so here is the link:

Despot joil

I think the Wiki article should contain how to unlock the other minis. I have no clue, so it'd be nice if someone who did would state it. --Noahp89 19:38, 11 June 2009 (EDT)

I'm still finding out how to unlock the other Minis, but I think if you beat all Special levels, you'll get them since the cards have Peach's crown on it. -RedFire Mario


Few new enemies might appaer in some levels.
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Still,Mini Toad , Mini Peach, and Mini Donkey Kong will appear at the Rooftop.
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Should we add Nintendo 3ds eShop to the platforms area? This game is available for purchase on nintendo eShop.


I have not received a response. If you reply that it shouldn't, you can take it down.

Generic term for Mini toys in this gameEdit

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Is there any source for the Mini toys being parsed as minis in the articles pertaining to this game? All North American English documentation deliberately avoids referring to the Mini toys in general, instead only referring to Mini Mario, while European English documentation parses them as mini toys.   ThePowerPlayer

It'll be more work but perhaps the term was derived from another game that DID use that generic term?   It's me, Mario! (Talk / Stalk) 23:29, August 29, 2022 (EDT)