Bag of popcorn

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The Bag of Popcorn in Flown the Koopa

The bag of popcorn is an item in Flown the Koopa. After Mario and Luigi enter the Dino-Flying Derby, Luigi walks off to get some popcorn from a nearby vendor (although he simply stays with Mario if they do not have at least fifteen coins). The popcorn costs five coins, but the turtle cons Luigi out of his other coins by initially giving him an empty bag, under the supposed pretense that he was selling a bag of air, and fills it with popcorn only once Luigi gives him ten more coins. Once Luigi receives the bag of popcorn, he notices that the popcorn is extremely stale, and he leaves the bag in his pocket without eating any of the popcorn. It can later be used inside a hedge maze in Magikoopa's fortress. If he has the bag, Luigi pulls it out and leaves the popcorn behind them as they walk, letting them know where they have been before. Mario and Luigi soon make their way to the center of the maze. If he does not have the bag, the two of them get lost, and the reader must solve a series of puzzles so that they can escape.