Abigor and Wario making plans

Abigor is a demonic creature resembling a goat and having black wings, that appears only in the Club Nintendo comic "Super Mario in Die Nacht des Grauens". He is a friend of Wario's, and claims to be the "middleman of hell". During the events of the comic, Mario and many other Nintendo characters live in a skyscraper in Brooklyn, and Abigor has chosen this building to become the domicile for his demonic fellows. Wario, the caretaker of the skyscraper, signs a contract with Abigor, pledging himself to hand over the keys for all the rooms in the building to the demon. In return, Abigor promises to manipulate Toadstool's brain, with the result that she would forget Mario and instead fall in love with Wario. What he actually does, however, is turn her into a zombie.

Once Wario hands over the keys to Abigor, the monsters invade the Nintendo characters' rooms. Mario, Link and Kirby succeed in fighting them back, but when they find that Toadstool has turned into a zombie, they decide to look into the incident. Finally, they find Abigor in his own temple called Infernum. With the help of a grimoire, they manage to defeat the monsters once again, and Abigor decides to retreat, but announces to come back (although he is never seen again in the Super Mario franchise).


  • Abigor's appearance in the comic differs a lot from his appearance in the real world, where he is often depicted as riding a horse and/or bearing a lance. In the comic, he appears to resemble Baphomet instead, a demon that is sometimes regarded as Satan.