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Larry Koopa in Paper Mario: Color Splash.

hi, i'm YoYo, originally YoshiMr. I make Mario Kart videos on YouTube.

view my main sandbox here. respect the moon cat cup.

view my combined pages for New York Minute, Tokyo Blur, Paris Promenade, London Loop, Vancouver Velocity, Los Angeles Laps, Berlin Byways, Sydney Sprint, Singapore Speedway, Amsterdam Drift, Bangkok Rush, Athens Dash, Rome Avanti, Madrid Drive, Merry Mountain, Ninja Hideaway, Sky-High Sundae, Piranha Plant Cove, and Kalimari Desert. These were originally made to demonstrate how these courses would look if their articles were to be merged, however since that is how the main articles go now (due to this proposal), these are now sandboxes for me to test updates on the pages, such as infoboxes, etc.


i dont know what to do with these but i feel like they should be on the wiki. i made them myself.