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Hey y'all! My name is PaulinePeachGirl123 (...well, my username is) and I am a huge fan of Mario - and Zelda and the Twilight Saga, because hello, who doesn't love Italian plumbers and oooh magical princesses and romances between an 18- and 101- year old? Squeeee!! Anyway, as just shown, I have a, er, habit of getting far ahead of myself so... uh... Prepare to read a really, really long userpage! Heh heh heh heh okay please continue on.

Mario games that I own

Funny story. I had this weird burnt disc of basically every Xbox game in existence at the time of its creation (THE 1980S OR SOMETHING) - including Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers 2, Super Mario Brothers 3, and all of those in Super Mario All-Stars and SO many more - along with two huge books of Xbox games AND a drawer full of Switch and Wii games along with a case of DS games. Sigh, I have too many games. BUT I have all original Mario games (Xbox) plus Mario Kart 7 & 8 (DS and Wii respectively I THINK) and Odyssey (Switch, duh). So I'm, uh, set. For life. Though who could ever have enough Mario games NOT ME heh heh)

My name

derives from Pauline (der) and Peach (der) along with the random numbers 123. So yeah - my favorite Mario girls I guess. Nothing important in this section.


Okay so UNLIKE Zelda, I do not right unlimited amounts of fanfic, picture books, novels and walkthroughs for the Mario series. I've written ONE book called The Many Appearances of Peach; it's (pathetically) all in the title. Hm, so... I can draw Peach Daisy Rosalina and Pauline really good? And sometimes when I'm awkward commas are the first things to go and then proper punctuation?


Ugh I'm bored. Buh BYE now!