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Profesionalists looks left, but because I'm amateur, I look right.
Full name Better DON'T know my name beacause thiiiiiiiiis (Yes, I overdosed Ashley's Song)
Species Human, (real life), Boo (Internet)
First appearance Wait, that have no sense.
Latest appearance I say write that have no sense.
Latest portrayal I don't know what "portrayal" word means.
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If you want to add me to your friends But who even wants to be friend with another nothing-what-he/she-does-is-important user, you can do it without any permission. Why? I will quote from my Usergallery.

Ok, how should it look like? Mostly just like that.

MarcycinTheViceKingBoo's Userbox Tower

I'm bad at making userboxes. I hope you do this better. But probably you now sleep 'cause this text is for you supeeeeeer-boring

My goals



  • Collecting information about Spirits


Random image gallery

I realized that something like this would be fun

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Other profiles

Super Smash Bros. character
Game appearances
Special moves
Standard:  Hypermegaultrakick (that doesn't matter my Boo avatar have no legs)
Side:  Punchfulloffury
Up:  Thinking Trap
Down:  Healing Read
Final Smash:  Logical Argumentation
Battle entrance
I'm on stage and say "I'm always in the battle!"

My favourite music

All favourite musics you can see here - [1] Under that text you see my ranking of the Mario musics:

My favourite quotes

  • "Before the war, we were on the edge of the abyss. We have now taken a big step forward" - Opponents of Władysław Gomułka
  • "Johann Sebastian Bach was born twice" - Music teacher
  • "I lost my Dignity1, so I have to borrow Honour2 from my friend" - Me
  • "Nyapakapow!" - Riki the Great Heropon
  • "Why this meat isn't destroyed?" - Me (again)

1 - Dignity - name of my pen
2 - Honour - name of my friend's pen

Page I have made

This user have made 3 articles on this wiki.

Images I have upload

This user upload 33 images on this wiki.

Mario games I have

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Game Review Progress Game Review Progress
Boxart dkc front.png
(SNES Mini)
Can't beat Ropey Rampage SMK BoxCover1.jpg
(SNES Mini)
Super Mario Kart is a fantastic racing game with Mario heroes for those times and console. Is it good? Yes ... but only when you play with someone. You can beat your route records or play grand prix alone. But that does not give much fun. The battle mode is the best. End of dot. And one more thing - Ghost Valley 2 is the worst EVER track. 2nd place on Mushroom Cup. Ghost Valley 2 is the worst EVER track.
Game Review Progress Game Review Progress
Super Mario RPG Box.png
(SNES Mini)
Bandit's Way in progress Super Mario World Box.png
(SNES Mini)
There were others, but I forgot them. I'll write in later. | But despite this disadvantage, Super Mario World is the best singleplayer game on the system I played. I highly recommend it. World 1 complete
Game Review Progress Game Review Progress
(SNES Mini)
3 levels complete

Mario games I do not have, but I played them

Game Review Progress Game Review Progress
NSMBU boxcover.png New Super Mario Bros U is a difficult game, and that's why I can not write a lot about it, because I did not even get to the first fight with Boom Boom. First level was difficult - avoiding these Waddlewing s was terrible. The second level - impossible. This section with moving crystals... Stucked in Tilted Tunnel. Box NA - Super Mario 3D World.png The second best game that you can play with friends (first is Minecraft). Actually, I recommend playing it with friends. Take, for example, the level Shifty Boo Mansion. It was a frustrating solo, but playing with my sister and one friend gave a lot of fun. Stucked in Spike's Lost City.
Game Review Progress Game Review Progress
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker US box final.jpg In my opinion, it's an original idea to make a platform game... without the possibility of a jump. Logical elements do not disappoint either. But the coolest things are: freedom to rotate the camera, well-constructed levels based on boxes and finding gems. Finding them makes more fun than trying to find Green Stars in Super Mario 3D World! I don't remember SMR Logo Final.png Good, compared to other free games on the phone. It's not as advanced as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, but it's still cool. Even without buying a paid version, there is still a lot to do. In theory. After some time doing Toad Rallys, attempting to save Daisy or trying to get the smallest number coins in a given level gets boring. But it's still cool. Apple Shops version also is cool. I've finished story mode in free version of the game. Builded house for Blue Yoshi.

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