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LMDMending.png I'm not as active as I used to be, but I'll still be here...

I'm Luigifan312 (09: Luigi or Luigidabest on Mario Boards) and I love Luigi. (Surprise!) You may see me on other sites as live4luigi!


I joined in July 2014, but started to become really active in 2016-2017, then was less active in 2018, then more active in 2019. As an editor, I don't make a lot of major edits but I like to fix grammar errors, redirects, and other minor stuff. As of the last time I edited this page, I have 888 edits (and counting) I rarely post on the Mario Boards but I do lurk a lot on there.

The first ever Mario game (and in general) that I played was Super Smash Bros. Melee and since then I have loved the Mario series! I usually play the spin-offs more though, especially the Mario Kart series. Before Luigi, my favorite character actually fluctuated over time; first it was Mario, then Toad/Toadette, then Yoshi, and now it's Luigi. :3

Outside of video games I like to draw, exercise, watch TV, and sleep. hehe I consider myself a shy and quiet, but happy and positive person. Be happy and positive <3

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