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Good day (or whatever the appropriate time-related phrase might be for you currently). You're here at the userpage of Hooded Pitohui, so I might guess that either you're just aimlessly browsing userpages or you need to get into contact with me.

Of course, since you're already here, you can click on that "discussion" tab at the top of the page and leave a comment on my talk page, but I'm not here on the Wiki very often, so it's not likely that I'll see it right away.

If there's something more urgent you need me for, I'd suggest sending a message to me on the forum. You can find my profile here.

As I said, I don't get around to working on the Wiki very often, but, if you happen to need me for anything here or want to see if I can assist with a project or something, feel free to contact me. I can't promise I'll be able to help, but I'd be glad to try.

And, of course, if there's something with The 'Shroom you need, please let me know.

That's about it. Have a wonderful day.