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On the wiki, we have quote pages like the one mentioned below. Here are some guidelines to adding and deleting quotes.


These are some terms you should know for this page, and if you see them in edit summaries.

  • Genericness: A quote used by multiple characters throughout the Mario series. For example, the word "Yeah" is used by countless characters throughout the series.
  • Needless interjections: A quote made up of nonsense, like This Baby Luigi quote: "vrrrrm vrrrrrm!" is gibberish. According to this definition, this quote does not qualify to be an actual quote. Also, a quote, usually ended with an exclamation point, that is heard when a character falls, spins out, etc. is screaming. For example, in Mario Kart 8, Toad may yell, "Ay yi yah!" when spinning out.
  • Quote: A quote made up of complete words, phrases, and sentences, like the one below.

What a quote is

A quote is a logical, readable statement made by a character. It will usually be in a text box.

One such quote page is this one. As you can see, a character like Toadsworth has very many quotes, since he is the host of the entire game. One such quote is: "Let's see what minigame the Wheel of Whimsy has in store for you!" This would be considered a quote, because it is made up of audible words and phrases that are actually repeatable.

What a quote is not

On that same page, a quote for Wario is listed as "Wah-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa!" which would fall under the category of "Screaming." Another example Mario, who, in essentially every game he appears in, yells "Yahoo" when getting something, jumping, etc. "Yahoo" is also used by various other characters as well, therefore it falls under "Genericness." Finally, Waluigi yelling "Waaaaaahhhh!" is in the category of "Gibberish" because it is not a logical phrase.

What to consider when adding a quote

There are two questions to ask when adding a quote to a page or section:

  • Is this quote made up of logical words and phrases?
  • Is this quote used by multiple other characters?

The quote can be added if it applies to both questions. If not, don't add it. It will most likely be removed.

When to delete a quote

If you think a quote is not worthy of being on a page, delete it. If another user disagrees, they will revert your edit, but don't edit war by any means. Simply go to their talk page and tell them that , depending on the circumstances of the quote, either this page says so, or your reasons why the quote should be removed. Keep your discussions civil, or a warning may be issued.