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Hello all. My name is Dry Bones Galaxy, as you can see. I mean, I don't really have to tell you that. It's at the top of the page. See? "USER:DRY BONES GALAXY". Honestly, why do you need me to tell you that? And you're ungrateful as well. You waste my time making me type this, when I could be eating cheese strings, and I don't even get a thanks? I hate you. I really do.

You cannot escape now! You are trapped in my userpage, and will never escape! Not in a million years! Although, you'll probably die by then, but I'll try to keep you well fed! Cause I'm nice like that, aren't I? Yeah, I'm so kind. You'll live at least to the age of 40... Unless you're already 40, which in that case I advise you to stop playing kid's games, move outta you're parent's basement, and get a job.


Barely any. I came here to consume (CHEESE?!), not to create. You just cant get enough Mario, even if you're against childish video games. (like me).