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According to Psyknux's Battle Mechanics Guide, the damage output for Mario's Jump Special equals the product of a timing factor and the quantity of twenty five plus the sum of Mario's Magic Attack and one half of the number of times Jump has been used previously, rounding down to the nearest whole number, minus the target's Magic Defense. To summarize,

Jump damage = (timing factor) × (25 + Mario's Magic Attack + (1/2) × (number of times Jump was used previously) – target's Magic Defense)

The timing factor equals 1 for an untimed or poorly timed hit, 1.25 for a correctly timed hit, and 1.5 for a perfectly timed hit. The damage for Jump, not accounting for the timed hits or target Magic defense, caps out at 150; any subsequent uses of Jump will treat the number of uses of Jump as 250.

In order to maximize the damage of Jump, Amazing Ampharos, author of the Single Character Challenge guide, suggests using Jump whenever you can right from the start. In the early portion of the game, while using Jump against Goombas is wasteful of early Flower Points, a single Jump can defeat a Sky Troopa in one hit before the Hammer is available. Each Hammer Brother can be defeated with two Jumps as long as you hit each one with one Jump before defeating one, as the survivor will use Valor Up to buff its defense. When chasing Crocco in Bandit's way, Frogog can be defeated with a Jump and Hammer combination. In short, use Jump against tougher generics and bosses unless Physical attacks or Fire is more damaging.

Some enemies, such as Spikies, are immune to Jump-based attacks, while others, such as Sky Troopas and Pandorite and its relatives, are vulnerable to them. An enemy immune to Jump will take no damage from Jump unless Mario is equipped with the Jump Shoes, an invaluable Accessory from the early game up until Bean Valley and beyond. Enemies very weak to Jump will take double damage.[1]
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