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It has been decided that the Super Mario Wiki will no longer support this feature. Therefore, this page is kept and protected strictly for historical reference.

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’. â. Where are these weird characters coming from? Is it intentional and correct? And if not, what is to be done about it?

  1. The answer to the first question is that the server move has caused some special characters to be incorrectly to...some freaky special characters, like the above. Some appear in link names (the easiest to fix – using What links here) and some don't.
  2. No, they are messing up link titles and article accurancy. ;)
  3. This PipeProject is here to organize the effort to correct these mistakes – cleanup after the server move. That's the only goal – no need to make a list.

List of Known Problems

Add any existing or preexisting problems here.

Problem Characters

This is in general – not all of the occurances of the special character on the wiki will change to their freaky [counterparts]. It is suggested that using Special:Random, you scan the page for any of these, or any other out-of-place symbols. If a template has this issue, look in the edit box, find the template name & page, and get rid of it there.

  • â becomes â
  • ' becomes ’
  • ♪ becomes ♪
  • - becomes — (← - should become – anyways, so we'll be instituting the true dash at the same time.)
  • é becomes é
  • " becomes “

Problem Links

Red links will result from this switch of characters. Using "What links here", you can find out all the pages that have the faulty link, in addition to scanning for other problems.

  • "Château de Chucklehuck" was transferred wrong on all pages with the text because of the â in "Château". It has been fixed.
  • Yoshi’s Island was only transferred wrong on a couple of pages. It has been fixed.
  • ♪ Block was correct in name, but had "♪ Block" across the whole page, and in {{blocks}}. MM fixed all of the problem text.


Going to help fix this annoying problem a ton of times for us? Be sure to add #~~~, and thanks!

  1. Wayoshi (talk)
  2. Knife (talk)
  3. Monty Mole (talk)
  4. Paper Jorge (talk)
  5. HK-47 (talk)
  6. Aipom
  7. Yoshi626 (talk)
  8. User:ShyGuySays
  9. User:MarioLuigi7