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DKC styling code request[edit]

I created some CSS to style the tables in the Donkey Kong Country article so the tables could have less inline style formatting.

I tested it using this sandbox, and you can test it yourself by adding the below code to your own user CSS page (Location: User:Your user name/common.css).

Could someone add this CSS to this site file after they've tested it in their own CSS file?

/* Brown DKC table styling */
table.dktable-brown > tr, table.dktable-brown > tr > th, table.dktable-brown > * > tr > td, table.dktable-brown > * > tr > th {border:1pt solid black; padding:3}
table.dktable-brown > tr:nth-child(odd) > td, table.dktable-brown > * > tr:nth-child(odd) > td {background:#FFF8DC}
table.dktable-brown > tr:nth-child(even) > td, table.dktable-brown > * > tr:nth-child(even) > td {background:wheat}
table.dktable-brown > tr > th, table.dktable-brown > * > tr > th {background: #BB8855}

The preceding unsigned comment was added by The Retro Gamer (talk).