Riverside Race

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Riverside Race
Riverside Race.PNG
World-Level 2 - 2
Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Notes This is level features a timer, which the Kongs must beat to access the forest's Banana Bird Cave.
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Riverside Race is the seventh level in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy Advance game, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. It is also the second area of Kremwood Forest.

Exclusive to this riverside level, there is a timer in the bottom-right corner of the screen that times how long it takes for Dixie and Kiddy Kong to complete the level. If the Kongs can beat Brash's record (1:15:00) to the goal, then pay him a visit, he throws a tantrum, causing the path to the Banana Bird Cave to open. If the Kongs are unable to beat Brash's record, they can still continue. Kiddy Kong is required to use his water-jumping move in this level to reach one of its Bonus Levels and its Koin. There are Killer Bees found only in this level that pursue the Kongs while they are above water during this level. The bees are invincible, so the Kongs must avoid them. Re-Koils, Sneeks, Kocos, Knik-Knaks and Buzzes are also enemies here.

Level layout[edit]

The Kongs begin the level on a pathway positioned under a DK Barrel and a trail of bananas. Once the heroes pass the bananas, a swarm of Buzzes begins to chase them down the area, where they can find a Banana Bunch and a pair of Sneeks. Soon, they come up to a banana trail that leads them into an area of water full of bananas. The Buzzes continue to chase them as they exit the water, which is followed by a pathway supporting a Re-Koil, who bounces near the letter K. After the heroes drop down to a ledge, they come up to a Sneek and another water area that contains a Koco and an underwater passage leading through a large structure that blocks the heroes' path. Kiddy Kong can use his abilities to reach the top of the structure, where a Bonus Barrel is located. The underwater passage is full of bananas and a Banana Bunch, and once they pass these items and exit the passage, they find their way back onto solid land, where the letter O is located. If they continue down the pathway, they reach a raised piece of ground with Re-Koils around it. A water area follows the second Re-Koil, and in this water, the primates can find another Koco and an underwater passage that leads through a large piece of land that blocks the Kongs' path. The Star Barrel is in this passage near some trails of bananas.

The Kongs head into an underwater passage.

After the heroes reach the other side of the passage, they can find another DK Barrel surrounded by bananas in a wider underwater area. To the right of here, they can find dry land with a few Knik-Knaks to the left of it. The heroes can jump on them to reach a high ledge with a red Extra Life Balloon on it. If the primates journey east from the Knik-Knaks, they come along a pathway that leads to another area of water. As they head towards the liquid, the Killer Bees chases them past a pair of Re-Koils. In the water, they can find a Koco and some bananas. A small section of dry, solid land is ahead of the water that the heroes must head down to reach a larger section of water with three red Buzzes flying over it. With the use of a nearby Invincibility Barrel, they can bounce on these foes to reach an area on top of a large area of dry land that can lead them to a Bonus Barrel.

This area of land cannot be passed unless the heroes climb over it or unless they head through the underwater passage at the bottom of it. The passage is located next to a Koco and a trail of bananas, and it leads into another wide area of water with a wall of three Kocos in it. On the other side of the Kocos, they can find a section of solid ground above the water. As they travel along the pathway, they come past a few raised pieces of ground with Re-Koils on them. Soon, they reach another underwater area that they can swim into to find a passage leading through a large structure that blocks their path. The letter G is in the center of the passage, which they can find another wide section of water after. They can find a Koco in this water, and to the right of it, they can discover an area of land. Kiddy Kong can use his abilities to reach a hidden ledge to the top-left of here, which holds a Koin. If they travel east from here, they head down a solid pathway with a trio of Sneeks and some bananas on it. As they race past the foes, swarms of Buzzes chase them, until they reach the End of Level Flag. If they raise the flag, they successfully complete the level.


K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: After the Kongs pass the first area of water, they come up to the letter K, located near a Re-Koil.
  • O: The Kongs come up to the letter O after reaching the end of the second area of water.
  • N: Shortly after the Star Barrel, the primates reach an underwater area with three red Buzzes above it. The letter N is also above this water to the left of the red Buzzes.
  • G: In the final area of water, the heroes head through a thin passage through the ground, which contains the letter G in the center of it.

Bonus Levels[edit]

The Kongs swim in the first Bonus Level.
  • At the second lake, Kiddy Kong should take the lead and roll onto the surface of the water. By hitting the B button (or the A button for the remake) as he hits the surface, the toddler can bounce off of the water and shoot into the air. As he falls to the surface again, the ape should bounce and land on a high area of land. Nearby, the two heroes can find a Bonus Barrel, which they should jump into to begin a Bonus Level. There, they must collect 15 green bananas in a pool of water while dodging a lone Koco. Once enough bananas are collected, a Bonus Coin appears to the right. The heroes have 30 seconds to complete this bonus.
  • After passing the letter N, the heroes find three red Buzzes hovering over a body of water. They should swim underwater at this point to find an Invincibility Barrel, which grants them temporary invincibility when hit. With this limited power, they need to head back to the surface and bounce on the three Buzzes to reach a ledge. If they travel down the flat pathway, they come up to a Bonus Barrel. It, as usual, takes them to a Bonus Level when entered, where they must travel through the area and defeat four Re-Koils. Once all the enemies are beat, a Bonus Coin appears at the end if the stage. They must defeat all of the enemies and grab the coin within the time limit of 15 seconds to complete the bonus successfully.

DK Coin[edit]

  • After the letter G, the apes should head to the surface of the lake and step onto the end of the solid platform to the right. Before the Killer Bees attacks, Kiddy should take the lead again and roll over to the water on the left. Just as he did while finding the first Bonus Level, he needs to bounce on the surface of the water and hop to a ledge. There, he and Dixie can find a Koin, who stands near a Steel Keg. The enemy is in possession the DK Coin, and he does not give it up without a fight. Unfortunately, the Kongs' attacks are useless against the Koin, however, they can instead take the Steel Keg nearby and throw it above the foe. While the Kongs stand to the right of the Koin, the barrel bounces off of a wall and hits the Kremling in the back as he watches the primates. This can defeat the enemy, thus allowing the apes to grab the dropped DK Coin. It's best to avoid this DK Coin, until after you beat Brash's Record so the time wouldn't be a factor.

Warp Barrel[edit]

  • Just before the first water area, Kiddy should quickly (to avoid being stung by bees) throw Dixie north-east over the water to reach an invisible Warp Barrel that does not appear until they land in it. The barrel can send them to the area located immediately before the End of Level Flag. In the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version, reaching the Warp Barrel causes the timer to max out to 9:59 (due to using the Warp Barrel to cheat).


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リバーサイド レース
Ribāsaido rēsu
Riverside Race
Spanish Carrera en la Orilla Literal translation
French Kourse De La Berge Bank Race
German Flotte Fluss-Flitzerei Dashing River Runabout