Master Bedroom

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Master Bedroom
Area Area One
Portrait Ghosts Lydia
Boo Boolicious

The Master Bedroom is a room in the first area of Luigi's Mansion. Luigi captures Lydia, one of the portrait ghosts, in this room. After sucking Lydia in, Luigi receives the Key to the Nursery.


The Master Bedroom is noticeable in that it is one of only two rooms with a ceiling fan, the other being the Billiards Room. Also in the room are Lydia's vanity, a cabinet, a nightstand, a bed, and a plant Luigi can water for a Green Jewel. From the window, one can see the Toad on the Balcony.

Ghosts in the Master Bedroom[edit]

  • Lydia (100 HP)

Ghosts in The Master Bedroom during the blackout[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 父母の寝室
fubo no shinshitsu
Parents’ Bedroom
Spanish El cuarto de los señores The room of the masters
French Chambre du Maître Master's Room
German Schlafzimmer des Hausherren Bedroom of the home side
Italian Camera del padrone Master's Room


  • In the instruction booklet, there is a pre-release screenshot of Luigi sucking up Lydia. There are what looks like two twin beds in the Master Bedroom instead of a full.[citation needed]